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People In The Countryside

People In The Countryside
Studies of Social Change in Rural Britian

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April 1991 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book outlines the changes occurring in Britain's rural areas and their impact on people's lives. It challenges the image of the 'rural idyll' which many of the nation's city dwellers hold.

A key feature of the book is the use of local case-study material to illustrate the major themes identified from a broader evaluation of the topics. This approach gives readers a better feel for the nature and implications of social change in the countryside than can be obtained from standard texts on rural geography.

T Champion and C Watkins
Recent Developments in the Social Geography of Rural Britain

S Harper
People Moving to the Countryside
Case Studies of Decision Making

P Cloke, M Phillips and D Rankin
Middle Class Housing Choice
Channels of Entry into Gower, South Wales

M Shucksmith
Still no Homes for Locals?
Affordable Housing and Planning Controls in Rural Areas

G Clark
People Working in Farming
The Changing Nature of Farmwork

A Townsend
New Forms of Employment in Rural Areas
A National Perspective

J Little
Women in the Rural Labour Market
A Policy Evaluation

R Gant and J Smith
The Elderly and Disabled in Rural Areas
Travel Patterns in the North Cotswolds

P Bell and P Cloke
Public Transport in the Countryside
The Effects of Bus Deregulation in Rural Wales

A McCleery
Population and Social Conditions in Remote Areas
The Changing Character of the Scottish Highlands and Islands

I Bowler and G Lewis
Community Involvement in Rural Development
The Example of Rural Development Commission

N Walford and A Hockey
Sources for the Study of Social Change in the Countryside
The Need for Integration


`Recommended for bringing together a number of highly professional contributions on contemporary rural problems and for combing them successfully into a well-balanced and authoritative whole' - Journal of Agricultural Economics

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ISBN: 9781853961281