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Performance Coaching Skills for Social Work

Performance Coaching Skills for Social Work

July 2012 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
Within health and social care settings, high levels of sustained performance from individuals, teams, organisations and multi-agency collaborations are required. In order to achieve this, both management and leadership have to take a clear and defined role. This book looks at the 'how to' of performance coaching - from establishing objectives, determining frameworks, processes and systems, to monitoring and taking corrective action as necessary. Coaching in its various forms offers a means by which those involved in public service can be supported and challenged to perform.

Leadership and Performance Coaching
Introduction to Performance
Introduction to Performance Coaching
The Coaching Process
Communication and Coaching Skills
Performing Organizations
Team Coaching
Coaching and Change
Motivation and Coaching
Difficult Conversations
Remaining Resourceful and Developing Practice


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