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Planning Powerful Instruction, Grades 6-12

Planning Powerful Instruction, Grades 6-12
7 Must-Make Moves to Transform How We Teach--and How Students Learn

October 2019 | 296 pages | Corwin

Are you ready to plan your best lessons ever?

With so many demands and so much content available for teachers, we need to put a higher value on an often-overlooked skill: planning learning experiences that will both engage and inspire our students, by design, over time.

Planning Powerful Instruction is your go-to guide for transforming student outcomes through stellar instructional planning. Its seven-step framework—the EMPOWER model—gives you techniques proven to help students develop true insight and understanding. You’ll have at your fingertips:

  • the real reasons why students engage—and what you must do to ensure they do
  • a framework to help you create, plan, and teach the most effective units and lessons in any subject area
  • more than 50 actionable strategies to incorporate right away
  • suggestions for tailoring units for a wide range of learners
  • downloadable, ready-to-go tools for planning and teaching

Whether you are a classroom teacher, an instructional leader, or a pre-service teacher, Planning Powerful Instruction will forever change the way you think about how you teach and the unique value you bring to your learners.

Part 1: Transformative Planning and Instruction
Chapter 1: What’s at Stake? Teaching Toward Expertise – with a Sense of Urgency
Chapter 2: Making the Shift: From Informational to Transformational Teaching
Part 2: Envisioning and Mapping
Chapter 3: Introduction to the EMPOWER Canvas
Chapter 4: Envisioning the Destination Through Principled Planning Protocols
Chapter 5: Mapping the Path to Mastery Through Task Deconstruction
Part 3: Priming and Orienting
Chapter 6: Priming Learners Through Caring Community and Collaborative Classroom Culture: A Prerequisite “Must-Make Move” for ICA
Chapter 7: Framing the Future Challenge: Priming and Orienting Learning Through Essential Questions
Chapter 8: Preparing Students for Success: Priming and Orienting Learning Through Frontloading
Part 4: Walkthrough and Extending
Chapter 9: Seeing Is Believing – and Understanding: Walking Students Through with Visualization Strategies
Chapter 10: Navigating New Terrain: Walking Students Through with Think-Aloud Strategies
Chapter 11: The Quest Is to Powerfully Question! Walking Students Through with Questioning
Chapter 12: Setting Up Learners for Successful Collaboration: Walking Through and Extending Expertise with Collaborative Group Structures
Chapter 13: To Speak, to Be Heard, to Listen, and to Learn: Extending Expertise with Discussions That Promote Deeper Understanding
Part 5: Reflecting
Chapter 14: Moving into the Future: Reflecting Through Formative Assessments and the Active Cultivation of Transfer
Chapter 15: Bringing It All Together: Extending, Exploring, and Reflecting Through Culminating Projects and Assessments
Concluding Thoughts: Radical Invitations to an EMPOWERed Vision of Our Future Teaching and Learning

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