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The Essentials

August 2021 | 340 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Offering a brief, accessible introduction, Policing: The Essentials, First Edition hones in on core concepts and provides strong coverage on the basics of policing. With unique chapters on police effectiveness and community policing and an emphasis on diversity throughout, Carol Archbold, Carol Huynh, and Thomas Mrozla offer a close examination of what matters in policing today and provides students with the key information they need to understand modern policing practices in our society.

Part I. Overview of the Police in the United States
Chapter 1. A Timeline of Policing in America
Chapter 2. Traditional and Contemporary Policing Strategies
Chapter 3. The Scope of American Law Enforcement
Chapter 4. Police Officers and Police Culture: Diversity and Workplace Experiences
Chapter 5. Becoming a Police Officer: Recruitment, Selection, Training and Promotion
Part II. Police Operations and Effectiveness
Chapter 6. Police Organization and Leadership
Chapter 7. Patrol, Investigations, and Technology
Chapter 8. Police Effectiveness
Chapter 9. Police Liability and Accountability
Part III. Police and Society
Chapter 10. The Public and the Police: Perceptions and Interactions
Chapter 11. Discretion and the Police
Chapter 12. Police Deviance and Ethics
Chapter 13. Contemporary Issues in American Policing

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