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Postmodern and Poststructural Approaches to Nursing Research

Postmodern and Poststructural Approaches to Nursing Research

First Edition

November 1999 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The pluralistic perspectives offered by postmodern and postcultural approaches to health care offer new insights on the patient experience and on patient care. Julianne Cheek's Postmodern and Poststructural Approaches to Nursing and Health Care Research makes these valuable tools available to researchers and health care scientists through carefully exploring what these terms mean and their use in the clinical research setting.

In the first three chapters, the author examines definitions of postmodern and postcultural approaches and ways in which they can be used to influence and inform us about health care. Chapters 4 and 5 look at the practical aspects of proposing and carrying out research projects using these approaches. Julianne Cheek concludes by reviewing the "intellectual journey" required in coming to grips with the meaning and application of these approaches and suggests ways in which the reader can continue to grow in understanding them.

Setting the Parameters
What This Book is About and Why it is Important

Situating Postmodern Thought
Thinking and Researching Poststructurally
Speaking Practically, Part One
"Proposing" Research Informed by Postmodern and Poststructural Approaches

Speaking Practically, Part Two
"Doing" Research Informed by Postmodern and Poststructural Approaches

The Journey Forward

An illuminating introduction to postmodern and poststructural research. It includes practical guidance of how to undertake postmodern and poststrucural research, with useful examples.

Dr Valerie Larkin
Public Health and Wellbeing, Northumbria University
December 23, 2014

This book captures very neatly critical discursive issues on health research. I have found this book to be easy to read in terms of the lay out and format. It focuses on important key issues related to qualitative health based research. It also explains key concepts and theories in a detailed way. Some helpful examples throughout the book but more importantly I feel this book is very useful for the health researcher i.e. literature reviews to undertaking research. A great resource for the post graduate researcher and as a framework for teaching at a Bsc level and Phd level.

Miss Zanib Mohammed
health sciences, University of York
December 10, 2014

This book is probably too advanced for this level of student although may be useful for the libary for those who want to read more

Ms Zoe Cowie
Nursing , Bournemouth University
September 25, 2011

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