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Power and the Police Chief

Power and the Police Chief
An Institutional and Organizational Analysis

March 1993 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What does a police chief do, exactly? Little has been written and little is known about today's police chief. An institutional treatment of American police that focuses on the person and function of the police chief, Power and the Police Chief thoroughly describes the role of the police chief in the contemporary urban setting. The authors utilize institutional theory as a framework for analyzing the police-in-society. From this perspective, they review long-term tendencies toward the rationalist modernization of American police agencies and the ongoing "professionalization," unionization, and bureaucratization of police work today, a process that is resulting in entirely new law-enforcement models. They highlight the internal and external conflicts and power struggles that converted police organizations into tension-filled arenas. At stake in these conflicts, the authors argue, is the fundamental definition of police work. New policing paradigms have emerged that would move it away from rule-based, law-enforcement models toward service alternatives that emphasize the situational imperatives and discretionary essence of police work. Professors, students, and professionals in criminology, sociology, and organizational studies will find Power and the Police Chief a valuable asset.

The Institutional Perspective
The Meaning of Modernity
Modernization of the American Police
Politics and the Police Chief
The Police Chief as Manager
The Institutional Context of Police Organization
The Institutional Position of the Police Administrator
Chiefs and the Rank and File
Shaping Police Roles
The American Culture of Policing
Content and Conflict

Summary and Conclusion
The Nature of Power in Organizations
The Political Arena
Conflict, Management Styles, and the Dynamics of Power
Power and Leadership
The Police Chief as Change Agent

The Police Chief and the Culture of Policing
Changing the Culture of Policing
Leadership in the New Paradigm of Problem-Oriented Policing
Modern Police Roles

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ISBN: 9780803946552