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Powering Up

Powering Up
How Public Managers Can Take Control of Information Technology

October 2000 | 242 pages | CQ Press

Billions of dollars are spent each year on technology in cities and states, from desktop computers to mainframes. It is impractical for non-specialists to master the complex inner-workings of these new technologies, yet public managers' reliance on information technology to govern effectively make IT planning and implementation crucial. Two respected journalists from Governing magazine provide a unique, nuts-and-bolts guide to help current practitioners, as well as students who will become tomorrow's city and state managers, successfully oversee IT specialists and maximize the potential of IT systems.

This first book in the Governing Management Series draws on the authors' involvement in the Government Performance Project (conducted by the Syracuse's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs). Barrett and Greene, after conducting nearly 100 interviews with practitioners on the front lines, look systematically at the best practices of cities and states that garnered high grades in the study. They offer real-world and up-to-the-minute guidance about procurement, strategic planning, training, out-sourcing, standardization, project management, cost-benefit analysis, and the appropriate use of the Internet in the public sector. Powering Up features summary take-away points and three in-depth case studies, pointing readers to both innovations to emulate and pitfalls to avoid.

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ISBN: 9781568025759