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The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism presents scholarly insight on the growing travel industry

October 19, 2017

The travel and tourism industry is predicted to grow at an average rate of 3.9% every year over the next decade, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. In the newly launched SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism, scholars from around the world present challenges and opportunities that the industry faces as it continues to grow. The encyclopedia consists of more than 500 entries that address social, economic, environmental, and policy issues.

“The aim of this encyclopedia is to cover the breadth of topics related to travel and tourism from both social science and business management perspectives as well as from multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, postdisciplinary, and critical lenses,” writes editor Linda L. Lowry, Ph.D. “In addition, aspects of both tourism supply and demand issues are addressed through coverage of research topics and practices; destination level tourism planning and development; marketing and communication; and issues related to travelers and the types of travel experiences they seek.”

The encyclopedia sheds light on global, regional, national, and local concerns, such as transportation, infrastructure, the environment, and business promotion. It takes into account the traditional tourism administration curriculum and social science disciplines, which are affected by the travel and tourism industry.

A Reader’s Guide organizes topics into 15 broad categories, such as culture and heritage, tourism resources, and transportation. For more information, visit The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism’s website.

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The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism

ISBN: 9781483368948          Hardcover Price: $650.00

1,672 pages

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