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Proactive Management in Social Work Practice

Proactive Management in Social Work Practice

May 2009 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
Leadership and management appointments are often made on the basis of an exemplary performance record in a non-managerial role with the implicit assumption that this standard will be transferred into the new role. However, the role of manager and leader in social care is very challenging and some managers struggle to acquire the level of performance they had achieved in their previous role. This book will introduce the values and principles that underpin good leadership and management practice to anyone working in social work and social care services.

Why good people management and leadership matters
The changing role of social work managers
Human resources and developing the best of the social work workforce
Managing yourself
Managing the performance of others
Leading and managing multi-professional teams
Leading and Managing Change
Looking forward

"Fills a crucial gap in the social work literature, a valuable reference to students." (Senior Lecturer, Coventry University.)

Very approachable and readable text, but excellent coverage.

Dr Lynne Rutter
Department of Social Care (Landsdowne), Bournemouth University
July 18, 2012

An excellent book for students looking at leadership and management, clear layout, accessible and up to date.

Ms Claire Ambrose
Faculty of Education, Health, Sciences, Derby University
March 8, 2012

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