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Production of Culture/Cultures of Production

Production of Culture/Cultures of Production

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Volume: 4

March 1998 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Examining cultural goods and services, the cultural industries, and the cultural aspects of organization and work, this innovative text offers a novel understanding of relations between the economic and the cultural. This book shows how cultural products are produced, marketed, and sold in an increasingly global economy. Chapters examine the emergence of truly global cultural products and the strategies of global cultural players, such as Sony. They analyze how culture is circulated through the activities of the cultural intermediaries of design, marketing, and advertising, and explore cultural production in practice through an examination of the contemporary fashion industry. The book also looks at why culture has become a crucial concern in business and organizations, and how the construction of particular corporate cultures has implications for the creation of identities that blur the boundaries between work and leisure. Throughout, the book illustrates that contemporary cultural goods and services are inextricably bound upb with economic processes of production, circulation, and exchange, and shows how "economic" processes and practices are in an important sense "cultural" phenomena depending on meaning for their effects. With unique coverage of a range of hotly debated topics, presented in an accessible form with questions, activities, and selected readings, this book will be essential reading for lecturers and students in cultural studies and a range of related fields.

Kevin Robins
What in the World's Going On?
Keith Negus
The Production of Culture
Peter Braham
Unpacking a Cultural Production

Sean Nixon
Circulating Culture
Graeme Salaman
Culturing Production
Paul du Gay
Organizing Identity
Making Up People at Work


Paul Du Gay's book is an accesible and interesting text on the Production of Culture. It expands the Circuit of Culture theory. Although the text has been regularly re printed it would benefit from an update as it is a little dated having been written in 1997. I look forward to the second edition. Given the excellent revision that Du Gay et al have completed on the seminal text - the Story of the Sony Walkman - I am sure that a 2nd edition of this informative text would make a valuable contribution to the field.

Ms Deborah Dickinson
Creative Industries, City University
August 11, 2013

This edition some great things but needs a more modern edition

Mr Rajesh Sharma
Department of Business & Law, Croydon College
February 14, 2013