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Public Human Resource Management

Public Human Resource Management
Problems and Prospects

Sixth Edition
Edited by:

August 2015 | 432 pages | CQ Press
Public Human Resource Management: Problems and Prospects brings together exemplary contributors who provide concise essays on major contemporary public human resources management issues.  Organized into four parts – setting, techniques, issues and prospects – and covering the major process, function and policy issues in the field, the text offers valuable wisdom to students and practitioners alike. With sixteen new and eleven updated chapters authored by the leading figures in the field as well as by up-and-coming new scholars, the new edition works as a primary or supplementary text for courses in human resource management or issues in public administration.

Part 1: The Setting
Donald E. Klingner
1. Competing Perspectives on Public Personnel Administration: Civil Service, Nonstandard Work Arrangements, Privatization, And Partnerships
David H. Rosenbloom, Joshua Chanin
2. What Every Human Resource Manager Should Know about the Constitution
Albert Hyde, Frederik Uys
3. The Death and Life of Productivity Management in Government
James R. Thompson, Robert Seidner
4. Human Resource Management in the Federal Government During a Time of Instability
Sally Coleman Selden
5. After the Recession: State Human Resource Management
Heather Getha-Taylor
6. Strategic Human Resource Management at the Local Level: Balancing Enduring Commitments and Emerging Needs
Beth Gazley
7. The Nonprofit Sector Labor Force
Part 2: Techniques
Joan E. Pynes
8. Strategic Human Capital
Jeffrey L. Brudney
9. Supplanting Common Myths With Uncommon Management: The Effective Involvement of Volunteers In Delivering Public Services
James S. Bowman
10. Personnel Appraisal No Matter What: Dysfunctional, Detrimental, Dangerous, Self-Defeating
Jared J. Llorens
11. Trends in Public Sector Compensation–Pay Administration
Rex L. Facer II, Lori L. Wadsworth
12. Employee Benefits: Patterns and Challenges for Public Organizations
Thad Calabrese, Justin Marlowe
13. Postemployment Benefits: Pensions and Retiree Health Care
Gerald T. Gabris, Trenton J. Davis
14. Motivating Public Service Employees in the Era of the “New Normal”
Mary Ellen Guy, Meredith A. Newman
15. Emotional Labor: The Relational Side of Public Service
David N. Ammons
16. Measuring and Benchmarking Human Resource Management
Jessica E. Sowa
17. Managing Employee Problems: State Government Grievance and Complaint Resolution Systems and Practices
Part 3: The Issues
Edward J. Kellough
18. Combating Discrimination and Its Legacy: Affirmative Action and Diversity in the Public Sector
Sharon Mastracci, Lauren Bowman
19. Gendered Organizations and Human Resource Management Practices that Foster and Sustain Gendered Norms
Gregory B. Lewis
20. Veterans’ Preference and the Federal Service
Bonnie G. Mani
21. The Americans with Disabilities Act: Contradictions in Public Policy
Jonathan P. West
22. Ethics and Human Resource Management
Patrice Mareschal, Patricia Ciorici
23. Public Sector Labor Issues: Rights, Retrenchment, and Democracy
Sergio Fernandez, Deanna Malatesta, Craig Smith
24. Human Resources Management and Government Contracting
Shannon H. Tufts, Willow S. Jacobson
25. Human Resource Management Issues with Social Media
Part 4: Prospects
Katherine C. Naff
26. Public Sector Workplace Design: New Challenges and Future Dynamics
Richard C. Kearney, Jerrell D. Coggburn
27. The Civil Service Under Siege

"Two leading scholars of public human resource management have assembled an impressive set of authors to address comprehensively the critical developments and issues in the field."

Frank J. Thompson
Rutgers University-Newark

"Public Human Resource Management covers all the bases. Kearney and Coggburn bring together leading scholars writing, in clear and persuasive ways, on core themes and leading issues in public sector HRM. The leading compendium just got better! An excellent find."

Evan Berman
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

“Once again Kearney and Cogguburn have assembled a useful reader.  The pieces are nicely balanced between providing up-to-date overviews of current debates and providing guidance to practitioners on policy options.  Chapters on strategic management, performance, dispute resolution, and labor relations go beyond material in the leading public personnel textbooks.”

Dr. Ellen V. Rubin
State University of New York, University at Albany
Key features


  • The editors commissioned sixteen new chapters to cover critical topics such as
    • productivity;
    • local government practices; 
    • performance appraisal and management; 
    • benchmarking human resources; 
    • the ADA; 
    • outsourcing; 
    • emotional labor, 
    • human resources issues with social media; veterans’ benefits; 
    • gender and the workplace; 
    • volunteer management; 
    • post-employment benefits; and 
    • the future of public service work. 

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 21

Chapter 27

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