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Qualitative Content Analysis

Qualitative Content Analysis
Methods, Practice and Software

Second Edition

March 2023 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Are you working with qualitative data but unsure how to approach your analysis? 

This hands-on guide to qualitative content analysis from two internationally renowned experts provides you with a clear strategy for analysing your data, whether you are working with social media content, field notes, images, narratives or focus group data. Using qualitative interviews as an example, the book provides a clear structure for approaching your analysis that can be adapted for your research project. 

Explaining how qualitative content analysis differs from quantitative methods, the book provides you with:
•a solid understanding of the principles behind QCA 
•a step-by-step guide to three types of QCA
•guidance on how you can use software to enhance your analysis.

Conceptual foundations of Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA)
About categories
Developing categories
Three types of qualitative content analysis
Structuring qualitative content analysis
Evaluative qualitative content analysis
Type-building qualitative content analysis
Using software
Quality standards, research report, and documentation

The authors’ experience as teachers and practitioners of qualitative analysis methods shines throughout this clearly written, well-structured, and stimulating text. Written guidance, supported by an abundance of illustrative examples, provides a thorough foundation that supports strategies for systematically categorising and analysing qualitative data that build from simple description to complex typology development. 

Pat Bazeley
Adjunct Professor in the Translational Research and Social Impact group at the University of Western Sydney, Australia

Udo Kuckartz and Stefan Rädiker, have authored an easy-to-understand text addressing qualitative research content analysis. This text has caused me to rethink qualitative data analysis and apply a category system to my own procedures.  I applaud their logical approach, their detailed use of references, and their insight brought to qualitative research. This book will be seen for many years as a leading worldwide text on qualitative data analysis.

John W. Creswell
Professor of family medicine and senior research scientist at the University of Michigan

This book does a fantastic job of discussing the historical and theoretical foundations of QCA together with practical considerations for its use.  The inclusion of real-world examples, advice for using qualitative data analysis software, and creative visual displays makes this revision a great resource for researchers analyzing qualitative data within qualitative and mixed methods approaches.

Vicki Plano Clark
Professor of Research Methods in the School of Education at the University of Cincinnati

A clear guide for students in the social sciences wishing to engage with qualitative research; utilised for those on UG and PG studies.

Mr Julian Ayres
School of Education and Community, Wrexham Glyndwr University
August 21, 2023

Good range of examples

Mrs Grazyna Wiejak-Roy
Faculty of th Environment and Technology, University of The West of England
March 1, 2023

good resource and guide for students

Ms Christina Lydon
School of Nursing & Midwifery , National University of Ireland, Galway
July 12, 2023

A well structured and written text that aims to simplify the process of research and and particularly qualitative research. This text does not appear as daunting as some research methods texts, which do make some students recoil from accessing some research methods texts. A good and easy to read text, which is important for students attempting their first research project.

Mr Andrew Clark
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
April 19, 2023

A well considered guide to various approaches to content analysis, with clear and helpful information for students and novice researchers.

Miss Louise Stafford
Department of Education, Oxford Brookes University
April 28, 2023

Still working on it but hoping to adopt it to enhance ethnographic research programs

Mr David Charles Bates
Faculty of Health, University of Cumbria
July 1, 2023

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