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Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life

Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life

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March 1999 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How can a person draw on her or his sociological knowledge in everyday life? This insightful new volume collects essays from some of the most renowned sociologists working today. They examine the ways that sociological understanding helps them with their daily experiences. Each contributor works in the qualitative tradition, and the essays cast light on how their observations of everyday life can affect research agendas and vice versa. These essays reflect the desire to understand experiences in a broader context rather than as random and isolated events and how the qualitative approach can achieve that end. Within this collection, editors Barry Glassner and Rosanna Hertz have brought together some of the most distinguished luminaries in the discipline. Many have chosen topics about which they haven't written before, and the essays place the authors sometimes in the roles of insiders, sometimes in the roles of outsiders—occasionally both. Organized around the notion of place—public places, family spaces, interior spaces, and workplaces—the essays touch on the major subdisciplines within sociology. Personal, engaging, and always thought-provoking, Qualitative Sociology as Everyday Life will be of great interest to sociologists and their students, and to qualitative researchers across disciplines.

Candace West
Not Even a Day in the Life
Lillian B Rubin
The Nursing Home
Sherryl Kleinman
Essaying the Personal
Making Sociological Stories Stick

Shulamit Reinharz
Enough Already! The Pervasiveness of Warnings in Everyday Life
Clinton R Sanders
Earn as You Learn
Connections between Doing Qualitative Work and Living Daily Life

Christine L Williams
Real Life Sexual Harassment
Naomi Gerstel and Robert Zussman
A Conversation about Parenting
Susan E Bell
On the (Re)Production of Social Class
Living In, With, and Beyond Elementary School

Lynne Davidman
The Personal, the Sociological, and the Intersection of the Two
Marjorie L DeVault
"Are We Alone?"
Peter K Manning
Five Minutes
David Silverman
The Pleasure of Slowness
Peter Conrad
It's Boring
Notes on the Meaning of Boredom in Everyday Life

Barry Schwartz
Memory and the Practices of Commitment
Norman K Denzin
Performing Montana
Pepper Schwartz
A Personal Passage
Identity Aquisition and Affinity Groups

Arlene Kaplan Daniels
Standing on the Threshold and Tripping
Awkwardness in Becoming a Field-Worker

Joshua Gamson
My Life with Xena and Billy
Sharon M Collins
Affirmative Action and Me
Derral Cheatwood
Making Sense and Making a Difference
Murder and College Administration

Barrie Thorne and Arlie Russell Hochschild
Feeling at Home at Work
Life in Academic Departments

Robert Dingwall
On the Nonnegotiable in Sociological Life
Jonathan D Moreno
Is There a Philosopher in the House?
Allan Schnaiberg
The Two Faces of Professional Discretion
A Vision from the Client's Bed

Paul M Hirsch
Qualitative Sociology and Good Journalism as Demystifiers
Shirah W Hecht and Howard S Becker
Talks between Teachers

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