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Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class

Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class
The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change

Ninth Edition
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April 2022 | 576 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Part I: An Introduction to the Study of Minority Groups in the United States
1. Diversity in the United States: Questions and Concepts
2. Assimilation and Pluralism: From Immigrants to White Ethnics
3. Prejudice and Discrimination
Part II: The Evolution of Dominant–Minority Relations in the United States
4. The Development of Dominant–Minority Group Relations in Preindustrial America: The Origins of Slavery
5. Industrialization and Dominant–Minority Relations: From Slavery to Segregation and the Coming of Postindustrial Society
Part III: Understanding Dominant–Minority Relations in the United States Today
6. African Americans
7. Native Americans
8. Hispanic Americans
9. Asian Americans
10. New Americans, Immigration, Assimilation, and Old Challenges
Part IV: Other Groups, Other Patterns
11. Gender
12. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Americans
13. Dominant–Minority Relations in Cross-National Perspective
Part V: Challenges for the Present and the Future
14. Minority Groups and U.S. Society: Themes, Patterns, and the Future
Key features


  • The opening chapters provide a broad conceptual and historical overview of the study of minority groups and immigration to the U.S.
  • Individual chapters are devoted to major U.S. racial and ethnic groups: African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.
  • Additional chapters focus on diversity/inequality based on other identities (gender, sexual orientation) and recent patterns of immigration from the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • The book stresses the diversity of experiences within each minority group, and intersectional perspectives that illustrate how race, ethnicity, social class, gender, and other statuses combine with each other.
  • Comparative Focus boxes, and a separate chapter called “Dominant-Minority Relations in Cross-National Perspective,” look at group relations in societies outside the United States.
  • Narrative Portraits offer personal, firsthand accounts of how individuals experience difference in society.
  • Public Sociology Assignments engage students in their communities and the larger society and give them the opportunity to apply and reinforce the material in the text.
  • Internet Research Projects ask students to gather information and data and apply concepts and ideas.

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