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Raising Money for Education

Raising Money for Education
A Guide to the Property Tax

September 1997 | 168 pages | Corwin
How can we create a funding system that's fair to every school and every taxpayer? Or is this an impossible goal? That's the issue Monk and Brent raise. The authors offer an overview of the current trends in school funding sources. They explain how the property tax system works. They examine the elements necessary to fair taxation and explore tax reform options that could bring in more dollars for education. Consider these pertinent questions about any proposed future public education tax: * Is the tax fair? * Does it generate money efficiently? * Is there a potential growth of the tax base? * Will this tax be a stable source of revenue for schools? * How hard will it be to administer this tax? * Will the public comply with this tax? The authors offer real insights into the issues surrounding how we get, and how we spend, the money for our schools. The book also looks at alternatives ways to raise funds, such as taxes based on income, sales, and lotteries. It delivers thoughtful, well-researched information for anyone who's interested in the future of public education and how we will fund it.

Where Does the Money Come From?
What is a `Fair' Tax System?
The Property Tax
Is This the Right Way to Fund Our Schools?

How Does the Property Tax Work?
Does Reforming the Property Tax Make Sense
Should We Move Away From the Local Property Tax?
What Other Ways Are There to Raise Revenues?
Recommendations for Raising Money

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