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Reexamining Democracy

Reexamining Democracy
Essays in Honor of Seymour Martin Lipset

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July 1992 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
No living political scientist or sociologist is more frequently cited by other scholars than Seymour Martin Lipset. He is one of the most prolific social scientists of this century--the author (or co-author) of 21 books and the editor (or co-editor) of 25 more. Lipset's influential Political Man has been published in 16 countries, including Israel, Japan, Vietnam, and Yugoslavia. Now, in this comprehensive and well-integrated selection of essays, an all-star cast pays tribute to Lipset's scholarship by exploring his core theme: the conditions, problems, dynamics, values, and institutions of democracy, both in the United States and comparatively throughout the world. Reexamining Democracy--like Lipset's own wide-ranging intellectual work--is devoted to rethinking the character and development of democracy in America and beyond. With the ongoing resurgence of democracy in the world and the faltering performances of many established democracies acting as an ironic backdrop, this collection of diverse thought offers fascinating perspectives on an ever potent and compelling social force.

Robert K Merton
Notes on the Young Lipset  
Larry Diamond and Gary Marks
Seymour Martin Lipset and the Study of Democracy
James S Coleman
Democracy in Permanently Divided Systems
Kaare Strom
Democracy as Political Competition
Gary Marks
Rational Sources of Chaos in Democratic Transition
Amitai Etzioni
On the Place of Virtues in a Pluralistic Democracy
Immanuel Wallerstein
The Concept of National Development, 1917-1989
Elegy and Requiem  
Larry Diamond
Economic Development and Democracy Reconsidered
Carlos H Waisman
Capitalism, the Market, and Democracy
Philippe C Schmitter
Interest Systems and the Consolidation of Democracies
Juan J Linz
Change and Continuity in the Nature of Contemporary Democracies
Amos Perlmutter
Two New Nations
Israeli and American Foreign Policies  
Theda Skocpol
State Formation and Social Policy in the United States
Maurice Zeitlin
The Insurgent Origins of Union Democracy
Martin Trow
Class, Race, and Higher Education in America
Ann Swidler
Inequality and American Culture
The Persistence of Voluntarism  
William Schneider
Off With Their Heads
The Confidence Gap and the Revolt Against Professionalism in American Politics  

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