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Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School

Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School

Second Edition
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May 2013 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Informed teaching is built upon a clear understanding of a wide range of professional issues. Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School offers a comprehensive overview of core teaching topics designed as an essential companion textbook for professional studies modules on secondary initial teacher education courses.

Offering a critically engaged examination of practical and theoretical topics in order to encourage deeper reflection on what underpins good teaching practice, this Second Edition has been carefully updated to provide a contemporary introduction to secondary education.

New to this edition:
  • A new chapter on diversity, social justice and global issues in teaching
  • A new chapter on pastoral and tutorial roles
  • Improved coverage of developing critical thinking skills in the classroom
  • Masters-level critical reading tasks in every chapter
  • Awareness of recent developments in education policy
This is indispensable reading for anyone training to teach in secondary education including graduate and employment-based routes into teaching, and particularly relevant for those on Master level programs.

Sue Dymoke
Jennifer Harrison
Professional Learning and the Reflective Practitioner
Sue Dymoke
An Overview of Learning
Ingrid Spencer and Sue Dymoke
Learning and Teaching Contexts
Phil Wood
Classroom Management
Tony Lawson
Assessing Students
Joan Smith
Pastoral Care and the Role of the Form Tutor
Chris Wilkins
Diversity, Social Justice and Global Issues in Education

'This book claims to be 'an introduction for beginning secondary teachers on developing the art of critical reflective teaching throughout their professional work.' It does this well.

This new edition has been updated to reflect recent developments in education policy and research. Importantly, it also stresses the need for beginning teachers to recognise the changing environment they are entering.

By successfully combining theoretical background with activities and questions to engage the reader, it promotes reflective thought and encourages reflective teaching. A number of the activities are designed to challenge the reader to think and work at Masters Level. Theory is well supported with additional reading to allow the reader to explore each area further.

I would recommend the new edition to trainee/beginning teachers and those involved in the training and development of teachers and it would also be a useful addition to the reading of more experienced teachers'
- Andrew Connell, Senior Lecturer &Director of PGCE, Keele University

'The book thoughtfully combines  core teaching topics for professional studies with suggestions for critical reading at Master’s level in every chapter and this helps to ensure that it  is a “must have” read for beginning teachers, mentors and professional tutors in both secondary and primary contexts. In short, what’s not to like?'

Sue Kelly
Professional Development Today

Perfect companion for Secondary ITE students - essential for our trainees

Mr Tom Cowan
Plymouth Institute of Education, University of Plymouth
June 7, 2016

This book contains a range of relevant discussion on theoretical perspectives in relation to teaching; not essential for foundation degree students but does offer the opportunity to explore a range of educational theories in different contexts. A well-written and detailed book.

Mr Joe Murdoch
Childhood Studies, Isle of Wight College
May 27, 2016

This book give a range of key topics for students to reflect upon and the research related links enable them to extend their knowledge. We like the activities which are an nice way o get students to engage and think further about their own practice and that in their training schools.

Dr Sarah Askey
Education Deanery, Liverpool Hope University
March 20, 2015

With an emphasis on reflective practice and an assignment on small scale classroom research this book is on the Biology PGCE reading list and recommended to students. Although, and perhaps because, students are under great pressure I think that the activities in each chapter encourage the students to think about their reading.

Dr Indira Banner
School of Education, Leeds University
January 15, 2015

A potentially very useful book to help guide trainee teachers through their course. It will be helpful in enabling them to start to bring together research, Policy and practice as it is written in an easy to understand and non-threatening way.

Mr Sarah Poore
School of Education, Brighton University
January 25, 2014

Excellent resource for prospective teachers.

Miss Syreeta Charles-Cole
Education, Carshalton College
January 14, 2014

Thoughtful book to develop reflective practitioners. Useful to have a section on the role of the form tutor.

Mike Martin
Education, Liverpool John Moores University
September 24, 2013

This text is a most considered and comprehensive reference to key sign posts for quality T&L any PGCE student should be keen to purchase. The content is rich in relevance and wisdom.

Mr Neville Crouch
Department of Secondary Education, Greenwich University
July 8, 2013

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