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Reflexivity and Voice

Reflexivity and Voice

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June 1997 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Increasingly, qualitative researchers are concerned with issues pertaining to how their studies are written and recorded. They are equally concerned with creating a new ethnography in which the authorÆs voiceùas well as the voices of the subjectsùis more fully realized, especially for the reader. This edited volume, a significant expansion of a special issue of the Journal of Qualitative Sociology, presents an array of contemporary ethnographers grappling with the problems and new conventions of ethnographic writing. The chapters cover topics including communication problems in intensive care units, fieldwork strategies in cloistered and non-cloistered communities, gender and voice, writing in social science, limits of ethnographic informants, and interactive interviewing. With contributions from leading scholars in many disciplines, Reflexivity and Voice is the ideal tool for scholars, researchers, and students in qualitative research, communication studies, anthropology, and sociology.

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ISBN: 9780761903840