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Reframing International Development

Reframing International Development
Globalism, Postmodernity, and Difference

October 2012 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Attempts to theorize contemporary globalization rarely stray beyond variations on old themes of superordination. Yet there are many "new definers" of our present global realityùdepletion of strategic resources, degradation of our environment, counter-offensives against modernist patterns of thought and action û which suggest that a new framework of global relations is needed. Nelson Keith, in his striking new volume, challenges the presumptions upon which western notions of the world have rested, and sounds a call to forge a world order more sensitive to all of its representative voices. Situating Interdependence will be of great interest to scholars and students interested in issues pertaining to globalization, irrespective of their disciplines.

The Nature of the Orbit of Change
A Statement of Themes

Globalism and Dependence in the New World Order
Interdependence and its Interface with Nature's Revolt
Crisis and the Fragmented Shadows of the Enlightenment
Enlightenment, Rationalism and the Attack upon History
Newtonianism and the Heliocentric Framework
Broad Sketches of a Revolt and a Summary of the Argument
Culture and the Revolt against Reason
Postmodernism and the Repositioning of Culture
Culture, Rhetoric and the Reformulation of Theory
Interdependence without Illusions


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