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Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Fourth Edition
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May 2024 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Updated with new chapters on multiple regression and high-level research methods, this 4th edition of Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology delivers all you need to develop a practical understanding of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research in psychology. In particular, this book guides you through the range of choices and considerations involved in research design, data analysis and report presentation.

Your learning is supported by a range of features, both in the book and online. These include:
  • Research Bites, to provide you with practical insights that arise from the most current research practice
  • Test yourself questions, to check your understanding
  • Exercises, to test your knowledge
  • Glossary, to help you with key terms
  • Research evaluation and improvement checklists – quick summaries of best practice for you to refer to
  • Online appendices, including data sets to practice with!
  • And much more…

S. Alexander Haslam is Professor of Psychology and Laureate Fellow at the University of Queensland
Craig McGarty is an adjunct professor at Western Sydney University
Tegan Cruwys is Associate Professor and NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow at the Australian National University
Niklas K. Steffens is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Business and Organisational Psychology at the University of Queensland

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Research in Psychology: Objectives and Ideals
Chapter 3: Research Methods
Chapter 4: Experimental Design
Chapter 5: Survey Design
Chapter 6: Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 7: Some Principles of Statistical Inference
Chapter 8: Examining Differences between Means: The t-test
Chapter 9: Examining Relationships between Two Variables: Correlation
Chapter 10: Comparing Two or More Means by Analysing Variances: ANOVA
Chapter 11: Understanding the Relationship Between Multiple Independent Variables and One Dependent Variable: Multiple Regression
Chapter 12: Analysing Other Forms of Data: Chi-square and Distribution-free Tests
Chapter 13: An Overview of High-Level Quantitative Methods
Chapter 14: Classical Qualitative Methods
Chapter 15: Contextual Qualitative Methods
Chapter 16: Research Ethics
Chapter 17: Conclusion: Managing Uncertainty in Psychological Research


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Key features
  • Updated "Research Bites" in every chapter: a space to step back from the text and reflect on the ways in which it relates both to issues in the world at large and to contemporary debates in psychology.
  • Updated coverage of experimental design, survey research, and ethics.
  • More expansive coverage of qualitative methods.
  • A comprehensive guide to the process of conducting psychological research from the ground up — covering multiple methodologies, experimental and survey design, data analysis, ethics, and report writing.
  • An extensive range of quantitative methods together with detailed step-by-step guides to running analyses using SPSS.

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