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Responding to Domestic Violence

Responding to Domestic Violence
The Integration of Criminal Justice and Human Services

Sixth Edition

March 2022 | 728 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

A fresh look at the response to domestic violence in the United States today by experts in their field.

Responding to Domestic Violence
 explores the response to domestic and intimate partner violence by the criminal justice system as well as public and non-profit social service and health care agencies. After providing a brief theoretical overview of the causes of domestic violence and its prevalence in society, the expert author team covers such key topics as barriers to intervention, variations in arrest practices, the role of state and federal legislation, and case prosecution. Focusing on both survivors and offenders, the book provides a thorough exploration of modern strategies to address the realities and needs of all survivors. The new edition offers new chapters on Special Populations at Risk, Victim Services, Coercive Control, Intimate Partner Stalking, and Civil and Criminal Protection Orders. All remaining chapters have been substantially or completely rewritten to reflect the growing body of research in the field.

Chapter 1 Introduction: The Role and Context of Agency Responses to Domestic Violence
PART I. What Is Domestic Violence?
Chapter 2 Matters of History, Faith, and Society
Chapter 3 The Extent and Impact of Domestic Violence
Chapter 4 Theoretical Explanations for Domestic Violence
PART II. The Criminal Justice Response
Chapter 5 Coercive Control: Contributed by Evan Stark
Chapter 6. Special Populations at Risk
Chapter 7 Selective Screening: Barriers to Intervention
Chapter 8 Domestic Violence Legislation
Chapter 9 Policing Domestic Violence
Chapter 10 Prosecuting Domestic Violence: The Journey From a Roadblock to a Change Agent?
Chapter 11 The Judicial Response
Chapter 12 Civil and Criminal Protection Orders
PART III. The Societal Response
Chapter 13 Community-Based and Court-Sponsored Diversions
Chapter 14 Victim Services
Chapter 15 Intimate Partner Stalking: A Rapidly Evolving Problem
Chapter 16 The Coercive Control of Children, and the Institutional Response: Contributed by Evan Stark
Chapter 17 Conclusion: Toward the Prevention of Domestic Violence: Challenges and Opportunities

Most current textbook which benefits our ever-changing social and economic climate.

Professor Rolf Kotulla
College of Business and Technology, University Of Texas At Tyler
April 12, 2022
Key features


  • A new chapter on Coercive Control (Chapter 5) outlines the coercive control model, how coercive control is measured, new directions in research, and the criminal justice response
  • A new chapter on Special Populations at Risk (Chapter 6) explores the impact of domestic and intimate partner violence on on vulnerable populations, such as teens, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, and LGTBQ relationships
  • A new chapter on Civil and Criminal Protection Orders (Chapter 12) covers the history, effectiveness, and various types of protection orders.
  • A new chapter on Victim Services (Chapter 14) discusses the history of the battered women's movement, an evaluation of victim services and advocacy, and the response from the criminal justice system as well as community-based programs
  • A new chapter on Intimate Partner Stalking (Chapter 15) reflects the growing awareness on this important problem. 
  • All remaining chapters have been substantially or completely rewritten in accordance with the growing body of research in the field. 


  • Both victim and offender's perspectives on domestic violence are explored
  • Coverage of diversity among victims helps readers understand how diversity impacts victim needs, preferences, and attitudes, as well as the effectiveness of interventions
  • Coverage of diversity among batterers explores how diversity affects the efficacy of various intervention strategies

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