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Rethinking Violence against Women

Rethinking Violence against Women

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September 1998 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Based on a series of international workshops sponsored by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundations, this cutting-edge volume advances theories, methodologies, and policy analyses relating to various forms of violence against women. Under the skillful editorship of Rebecca Emerson and Russell P. Dobash, Rethinking Violence Against Women is the joint effort of recognized anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers, sociologists, and historians in the field. Divided in three parts, this text takes a comprehensive examination of the following topics: +

R E Dobash and R P Dobash
Cross-Border Encounters
Challenges and Opportunities

H Johnson
Rethinking Survey Research on Violence against Women
L Kelly and J Radford
Sexual Violence against Women and Girls
An Approach to an International Overview

J Boddy
Violence Embodied
Circumcision, Gender Politics and Cultural Aesthetics

M McWilliams
Violence against Women in Societies under Stress
R E Dobash and R P Dobash
Violent Men and Violent Contexts
E Lundgren
The Hand That Strikes and Comforts
Gender Construction and the Tension between Body and Symbol

M Wilson and M Daly
Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence against Wives and the Evolutionary Psychology of Male Sexual Proprietariness

Useful book although its age now dictates it is read alongside more contemporary work. It does however provide a sustained analysis of the cultural contexts in which violence against women and girls occurs and explores a number of theoretical explanatory frameworks.

Applied Social Science (Carlisle), University of Cumbria
September 18, 2013

This book is very good source for my students working on their assignment which is about demostic violence, easy to read and current.

Mr Peter Norton
Uniformed public services, Sheffield College
December 11, 2012

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