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Role Play

Role Play
Theory and Practice

June 1997 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Role play or simulation techniques are an important and widespread tool used in many contexts including research, therapy, organizational change, and education. The aim of role playùto approximate reality in certain settingsùis often unfulfilled due to lack of knowledge or sophistication, with disappointing results. This wide-ranging text provides a clear explanation of the theory and practice of role play. The reader is shown how role play differs from other experimental and therapeutic alternatives and is introduced to the key principles of good technique. Role Play does not offer a recipe-book solution, but instead surveys the literature to offer a solid theoretical grasp on its subject, amply illustrating the principles through a series of helpful vignettes. It is essential reading for students, practitioners, and academics who wish to deepen their understanding of this important technique.

An Epistemological Context for the Use of Role Play
An Overview of Current Role Play Practice
Role Play Practice Today
Focusing Specifically on Technique

Reflections upon Extant Definitions of Role Play
Redefining Role Play and General Methodological and Technical Considerations
On Involvement, Engagement and Technique in Role Plays
Conceptual Underpinnings of Three Key Induction Principles

Overview of Practical Implications for Good Induction
Practical Overview of Induction Principles
Concluding Remarks


`This book offers a comprehensive survey of the literature of role play and delves deeply into the associated theory... it is an important contribution in that it seeks to offer "an explanation of the theory and practice of role play" in a way which has not been done previously. The literature of role play is thoroughly investigated and reported... for anyone wishing to make a case for role play or writing up a project which makes use of role play, this is excellent source material' - British Journal of Psychodrama & Sociodrama

`[A] meticulous exploration of the origins, underpinnings and applications of role play in research, training and clinical contexts. Yardley-Matwiejczuk takes a rigorous scientist-practitioner approach, carefully examining the theoretical and methodological foundations of the technique. For many of us, I suspect, these have never been made explicit... Role Play: Theory and Practice represents a long overdue critical review of current practice, and certainly challenged me to question my approach to role play both as a facilitator and a participant... should interest trainers, researchers and practitioners alike' - Clinical Psychology Forum

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