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SAGE Stats

The dynamic research data source

SAGE Stats is an interactive, statistical platform that provides vetted, hard-to-find data to students and academics to use when conducting social science research. Featuring data from private and public sources, it’s a comprehensive resource that enables researchers to create simple, practical, and useful solutions.

Finding statistical data has become synonymous with pain, but it should not be. SAGE Stats simplifies the process by providing data in an easy-to-use interface. Researchers are not only able to find exactly what they need but do so with just a few clicks, saving themselves time.

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Content and Features

  • Thousands of data series organized in three main collections: State Stats, Local Stats, and Business Stats, which are cross-searchable
  • Browse by topic or location, then compare data across geography or across time
  • Generate tables and download data for statistical research
  • Create and export custom visuals, such as maps, charts, and graphs
  • Compare data with one variable or for two or more variables using tables and line graphs across similar jurisdictions
  • Ongoing updates to SAGE Stats throughout the year ensure that users have the most current data available

SAGE Stats is ever expanding, with new and updated data being continually added across all 50 U.S. states (and the District of Columbia), counties, cities, ZIP codes, and metropolitan areas, and covers 15 topical categories:

  • Agriculture
  • Crime and Law Enforcement
  • Defense
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Employment and Labor
  • Energy and Environment
  • Geography
  • Government Finances (Federal, State, and Local)
  • Health
  • Households and Housing
  • Population and Politics
  • Religion and Arts
  • Social Welfare
  • Transportation

How SAGE Stats supports research

  • Allows students to compare and analyze data points and years about states, cities, counties, and metropolitan statistical areas for a complete visual overview
  • Saves researchers valuable time by bringing together over 400,000+ datasets about U.S. geographies from over 250+ authoritative sources harmonized into consistently formatted statistical data series
  • Provides flexibility by allowing users to download and export unlimited data tables in XLS or CSV formats, or visualizations in PNG or JPG formats

"...legislative staff has utilized SAGE's State Stats to develop and populate many of the benchmarks included in Mississippi's statewide strategic plan...Local Stats is an excellent complement to State Stats. By providing statewide priority benchmark data at the county level, Local Stats allows legislative staff to better understand the geographic extent of our state's most challenging problems and thereby develop more targeted and effective solutions..." –James Barber, Deputy Director, Mississippi Joint Legislative PEER Committee


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