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Sales Force Management

Sales Force Management

Second Edition

October 2024 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Written in an engaging and student-friendly manner, Sales Force Management provides a blend of cutting-edge research and practical strategies. Authors Gregory A. Rich and Rhett Epler update this classic text by delving into the challenges faced by today's sales managers. With 300 new citations, each chapter includes coverage of AI and new technological innovations, keeping your students up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. 

Chapter 1 Introduction to Sales Force Management
Chapter 2 Strategy
Chapter 3 The Personal Selling Process
Chapter 4 Sales Force Organization
Chapter 5 Recruiting and Hiring Salespeople
Chapter 6 Sales Training
Chapter 7 Motivating A Sales Force
Chapter 8 Sales Force Compensation
Chapter 9 Sales Force Quotas and Expenses
Chapter 10 Leadership of A Sales Force
Chapter 11 Forecasting and Budgets
Chapter 12 Sales Territories
Chapter 13 Sales Volume Analysis
Chapter 14 Cost and Profitability Analysis
Chapter 15 Evaluating A Salesperson’s Performance
Chapter 16 Ethics and Laws
Company Index
Subject Index
Key features
  • A blend of leading-edge research and real-world strategy in a highly readable, student-friendly format.
  • Spotlights the challenges faced by today’s sales managers including technology, globalization, social selling, hybrid sales channels, and host of other contemporary issues.
  • New Case Studies show real-world application of concepts and topics.
  • Chapter opening vignettes offer thoughtful framing for the chapter content to come.
  • Consider this… feature boxes invite enhanced perspectives on chapter material.
  • Chapter Summaries and Key Terms help students digest and retain content.
  • Questions and Problems provide in-class and homework engagement.
  • Experiential Exercises expand learning opportunities for thinking and writing.

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