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School Social Work

School Social Work
A Direct Practice Guide

First Edition
  • JoAnn Jarolmen - Former professor of social work and a public school social worker

March 2013 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Offering a unique focus on evidence-based interventions, critical thinking, and diversity, School Social Work: A Direct Practice Guide covers the foundations of working with children and adolescents in the schools. Each chapter reviews a basic concept and then provides two in-depth activities that allow readers to apply the concepts to real life practice situations. Practical, hands-on experiences, best practice approaches, and case examples throughout the book demonstrate assessments and techniques in action with vulnerable populations and help readers to understand the nuances and complexities of working in a school environment. The book begins with an overview of theory important to social work in the school setting, then covers a wide array of topics, including a typical day in the life of a school social worker; skills and techniques; special education; crisis intervention; collaboration and school consultation; current issues in education; ethical dilemmas; policy, program development, and evaluation; and global issues in school social work.

Chapter 1: An Overview of the Theoretical Information Necessary in the Field of School Social Work
Chapter 2: A Typical Day?
Chapter 3: Introduction and Definitions: Discussion of the Skills, Techniques, and Essential Practices
Chapter 4: Special Education Component and School Social Work
Chapter 5: Collaboration and Consultation with Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Administration
Chapter 6: Ethical Dilemmas
Chapter 7: Proficiency in Working with Cultural Competence
Chapter 8: Current Societal Issues Affecting Children in Schools
Chapter 9: Engagement, Assessment, and Intervention Skills in the School for Individuals Using Evidence-Based Practice Modalities and Other Practice Methods
Chapter 10: Engagement, Assessment, and Intervention Skills in the School for Groups Using a Variety of Practice Methods
Chapter 11: Studies, Analysis, and Discussion From an Authentic School Practice Perspective
Chapter 12: School Policy, Program Development, and Evaluation
Chapter 13: Practice Evaluation
Chapter 14: Global Issues in School Social Work
Appendixes A-F

Cyberbullying, program development for bullying prevention, the Olweus anti-bullying program, PFLAG, conflict resolution and peer mediation are among the topics discussed in School Social Work: A Practical Guide. Researchers will be especially interested in the sections on innovations from abroad. Countries covered include: Canada, Ghana, Japan, Korea, Germany, Hungary, Malta, and the Scandinavian countries. Current problems faced by the world's children are also discussed. Solution focused therapy designed specifically for the schools is one of the guiding frameworks. On the practical side, substance abuse screening tools, a suicide screening tool, survey material, and guidelines for work on behalf of sexual minority students are provided. This book is an much-needed addition to the literature that will be useful for school social workers, social work educators, and researchers on social work with children and youths.  

Katherine S. van Wormer - University of Northern Iowa

Good review of school social work.

Professor Ross VeLure Roholt
School Of Social Work, Univ Of Minnesota-Twin Cities
September 18, 2014
Key features


  • A unique focus on the experiential and practical aspects of school social work prepares readers for the challenges of social work practice in the schools.
  • Case examples provide a real life look at what it is like to be a school social worker.
  • School-based practice vignettes are evaluated using successful practice techniques in a full, unique, and practical full chapter.
  • Practical coverage of intervention models encourages readers to think critically about techniques they can use in a variety of school situations.
  • Best practices and proven techniques give readers the necessary tools they can use in a range of practice situations with vulnerable populations in the school setting.
  • Chapter-ending tear-out/print-out sheets encourage readers to apply chapter concepts in developing their own intervention examples.

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