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Schools and the Health of Children

Schools and the Health of Children
Protecting Our Future

October 1999 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With school budgets seeming to be inexorably contracting, and with welfare reform looming, the future of school health programs is both important and uncertain. Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld begins by clearly defining the key issues in the debate and outlining the history of school health programs. She then turns to more contemporary examples of school health care delivery, with a special emphasis on the Arizona model—crucial due to its being the first state to go to a managed care Medicaid program. Finally, she theorizes on the likely future of school health care in the light of proposed changes to Medicaid and other welfare initiatives. Schools and the Health of Children will be of great interest to scholars and professionals in the area of public health, educational administration, as well as social work and public policy.

History of Child Health and School Health Programs
Background and Current Roles of School Health Programs  
Health Status of Children
Past and Present  
Models of School Health Delivery
The Growth of School-Based Clinics and Centers  
Experiences in Arizona
The Development of New Clinics in a State with a Managed-Care Medicaid System  
The Need to Protect the Future
The Impact of Changes in Welfare and Heath Policies on School Health Issues  

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