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New Content

Check out what is new in the 2nd edition of Schram, Introduction to Criminology!

  • Updated information throughout to include new topics, research, statistics, and examples
    • Ch 11: Case study on Flint, MI lead in water
    • Ch 7: Why Do They Do It on Ariel Castro
    • Ch 15: Why Do They Do It on Pulse Night Club Shooting
    • Several new figures 



  • An increased emphasis on victimization: an entirely new section in Chapter 1 puts victims of crimes front and center and introduces students to key concepts in victimology
  • A new chapter dedicated to measuring crime and crime typologies (Chapter 2): Offers a stronger foundation to students to help them understand how crime data is counted

  • New section on multicide digs into the rate and motivations behind mass murders, school shootings, and issues of race and religious ideology related to these crimes  (Ch 15)
  • Increased and updated coverage of gun control, hate crimes, and terrorism (Ch 15)

  • An increased focus on the role of mental health (Ch 7)
  • New graph charting the popularity of criminological theories over time

  • New videos