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Self-Regulation in the Early Years

Self-Regulation in the Early Years

May 2022 | 216 pages | Learning Matters
This book supports students and practitioners in Early Childhood Studies, Early Years, Education and related disciplines in understanding self-regulation. It explores how self-regulation underpins much of children’s development including social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive development.

Key contexts for self-regulation, in particular aspects such as play, problem-solving and talk, are covered. It offers practical support for early years practice, linking theory and research to what happens in settings. Supports readers to:
- know why self-regulation matters
- understand how self-regulation develops
- understand why self-regulation is increasingly evident in policy and curricular around the world
- focus on social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive aspects of self-regulation
- enhance impact through close working with parents and guardians
- explore the importance of relationships in self-regulation
– between children and adults and between children themselves
- effectively observe and document self-regulation
- support the development of young children’s self-regulation across the curriculum

What is self-regulation, and why does it matter?
How does self-regulation develop in early childhood?
Where can we find self-regulation in policy and curriculum frameworks?
Relationships and self-regulation
Observing and assessing self-regulation in young children
Communication and language for self-regulation
Contexts for self-regulation
Planning – and not planning – for self-regulation

This book was chosen to help with teaching my students about self-regulation in the early years, This book was really usefull and I found that the way this is set out very useful and easy to go back to with each area I am wanting to read. The research and activity boxes we explained and outlined well.

Mrs Kerry Charlton
Child Studies, York College
December 6, 2023

Not received the inspection copy

Ms susan Gunn
Centre For Early Childhood, Worcester University
October 19, 2023

Whilst not a new concept, this book aligns the emergence of this terminology in policy and practice and supports the theoretical and conceptual underpinning to strengthen our understanding. This is a text that students from Level 2 and up will find accessible, it provides some challenge to our understanding and therefore will assist practice at whatever level students are.

Mrs Sarah Barton
School of Education and Sociology (EDSOC), Portsmouth University
August 15, 2023


Faculty Of Education (Ormskirk), Edge Hill University
August 5, 2022

This books is insightful and will allow students to make coherent links between learning theory, metacognition, executive functioning and self regulation. I will be basing one for of my teaching sessions on this book on a module which encourages young children to be seen as competent and capable learners

Dr Nikki Fairchild
School of Education and Sociology (EDSOC), Portsmouth University
July 10, 2022

This is an excellent read for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of self-regulation in children, Particularly suited for anyone working with the revised EYFS framework. The book explores SR in relation to other closely related areas presenting a clear picture of the relationships surrounding policy, curricula and theoretical perspectives. Well presented offering opportunities for reflection and exploration of ideas within practice. A must read for HE students.

Mrs Carly Blackburn
Social and Community Practice, Bradford College
June 13, 2022

An informative book, this is essential in the current climate of early years.

Miss marie bradwell
Children and Young People, Plymouth Marjon University
June 8, 2023

Fits very well with our module content

Mrs Nicola Stobbs
St John's Campus, Worcester University
June 8, 2022

Excellent book on topic - really helpful reflection points

Mrs Abigail Gosling
School of Education, Bedfordshire University
April 27, 2022

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