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Selling & Sales Management

Selling & Sales Management
Developing Skills for Success

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December 2021 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Packed with engaging examples and case studies from companies including Amazon, IBM, and Pepsi, as well as unique insights from sales professionals across the globe, this comprehensive textbook balances research, theory, and practice to guide students through the art and science of selling in a fast-changing and digital age. The text highlights the emerging role of storytelling, sales analytics and automation in a highly competitive and technological world, and includes exercises and role plays for students to practice as they learn about each stage of the selling process. As well as its focus on selling, the text also provides students with essential sales management skills such as onboarding, coaching, mentoring, and leading salespeople, as well as managing sales pipelines, territories, budgets, systems, and teams when not in the field.

Online resources are included to help instructors teaching with the textbook, including PowerPoint slides and a testbank. Chapter overviews and teaching notes for the roleplays included in the text and suggested course projects and worksheets are also provided for instructors.

Suitable for courses on selling and sales management at all college and university levels.

Section One: The Foundations – “On the Ground”
Chapter 1: Introducing Ethical Relationship Selling
Chapter 2: Researching and Preparing for Successful Selling
Chapter 3: Planning Strategically for Successful Selling
Section Two: The Selling Process – “Out in the Field”
Chapter 4: Networking and Prospecting with Effectiveness
Chapter 5: Approaching and Communicating with Success
Chapter 6: Listening and Determining Willingness to Buy
Chapter 7: Presenting with Impact and Communicating via Storytelling
Chapter 8: Managing Conflict and Negotiating with Finesse
Chapter 9: Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale with Satisfaction
Chapter 10: Following-up to Cultivate and Manage Customer Relationships
Section Three: The Evaluation and Sales Management – “Back in the Office”
Chapter 11: Recruiting, Training and Leading Salespeople
Chapter 12: Budgeting and Forecasting Future Sales
Chapter 13: Performing Sales Analytics and Tracking Productivity
Appendix A: Comprehensive Cases in the Sales Industry
Case A: Home Selling with RE/MAX Real Estate Group
Case B: STIHL’s Successful B2B Sales Strategy
Appendix B: Careers in Selling
Appendix C: Self-Selling


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Lecturer resources:

  • Teaching tips and chapter overviews
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Testbank
  • Notes for role play scenario
  • Worksheets and suggested course projects

Every word of this textbook is packed with helpful and applicable information to make you a better salesperson. I’ve never had a textbook that I looked forward to reading, and actively applied to better my life. Dr. Spiller truly brings the sales process to life!

Julia Morris, Student, Christopher Newport University

Dr. Spiller’s textbook is excellently constructed. It immediately grabbed my attention and included only the most useful sales information. It is my favorite textbook of all my classes and I know I will use it throughout my career in sales. This textbook doesn’t just tell you how to sell the steak, it goes above and beyond and tells you how to sell the sizzle!

Madison Cochran, Student, Christopher Newport University

This textbook is easy to digest and packed with useful information that can be transferred to real life applications. It provides readers with a step by step walk through of the selling process along with guides on how to be an effective communicator and close the deal. Dr. Spiller provides everything you need to be a successful salesperson in the 21st century. It’s a must read!

Jace, Student, Christopher Newport University

As a student with multiple other textbooks to read, this one stands out as vibrant, lively, and engaging. It feels student-friendly and incredibly accessible. I especially appreciate how each chapter builds on the last, which helps with the mastery of the material. I know I will recall information provided here long after I have finished reading it and feel better off for it!

Matt Perkins, Student, Christopher Newport University

Lisa Spiller takes a fresh and comprehensive look at professional sales by examining the roots of what’s necessary to succeed as a salesperson. She teaches the student how to examine and develop an understanding of the customer needs and then translates that into strategies for satisfying customer objections, making presentations, and closing the sale. The student is walked through the tactics of networking, finding qualified leads, strategic marketing to qualify leads, cold calling, making sales presentations, satisfying customer concerns, closing the sale, and sales management. Chapters include biographical highlights of actual professional salespeople to relate to student interest. Also included are tools for the professor at the end of each chapter, including case studies and role-play exercises to reinforce the chapter learnings.


Spiller’s unique contribution to the pedagogy of sales education is how a salesperson can be successful in making presentations through storytelling. Research shows that retention of key elements of presentations increases to 60-70% when presentations are turned into stories. Spiller shows the student how to do that. I highly recommend this book.

Harvey Markovitz, Clinical Professor of Sales and Marketing, Director of the Lubin Sales Team, Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York

Practical advice and tips for practice.

Mr Paul Edward Matthews
Gloucestershire Business School, Gloucestershire University
March 23, 2022

Sage College Publishing

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