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Sexualities and Popular Culture

Sexualities and Popular Culture

March 1998 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sexualities and Popular Culture is a fascinating exploration into the study of popular culture and its influence on how we perceive the endless varieties of the sexualized human presentation of self in everyday life. Author Carl B. Holmberg presents a short history of the notion of popular culture and communication giving clear definitions and generous examples that illustrate the evolving portrayal of human sexuality. Holmberg gathers evidence from the "popular" inherent in all aspects of our culture from familiar sources such as books, film, magazines, and television, to less common ones such as prehistoric texts, sports, and everyday popular practices to explain how pervasively popular culture communicates sexuality to us and through us. This book is also highly recommended as supplementary reading for upper-division undergraduate and graduate students studying popular culture, gay and lesbian studies, sociology, and mass communication. "Carl B. Holmberg's Sexualities and Popular Culture is one of the most important works in the field of cultural studies published in recent years. Well written in its analysis, wide ranging in its discussion, and containing numerous 'gems' of insight on a topic rarely approached, Holmberg's study is a must read for anyone seriously interested in the social dynamics of our culture." --Gary Hoppenstand, Michigan State University

Popular Culture
Communication and Media
Popular Culture Studies
Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation
Over the Edge
Taboos and Sexualized, Transgressive Interpretive Communities

Prehistoric and Historic Texts from around the World
Historic Texts of Beauty
The Problematics of Art, Erotica and Pornography

The Horror of Sex
Sexual Humors and the Flirtatious Alchemy of Gaiety and Gravity
After the Beat
Popular Music

Gesture, Body Image and the Fashion of Sex Toys

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ISBN: 9780761903512