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Sibling Abuse

Sibling Abuse
Hidden Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Trauma

Second Edition

June 1997 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With increased media attention, issues of family violence have been steadily moving out of the shadows and into the arenas of research, prevention, intervention, and public awareness. However, sibling abuseùlargely unrecognized and unaddressedùremains behind the closed doors of "family privacy." Often excused by parents as "kids will be kids" behavior, the symptoms of this form of abuse go undetected and its devastating effects on the victim are ignored. Sibling Abuse, Second Edition provides insight into this form of abuse and carefully describes the range of abusive behaviors perpetrated among siblings. Along with personal accounts by adult survivors, this completely updated book describes appropriate steps for parents to take in order to evaluate and respond to their childrenÆs abusive interactions. A new chapter on current techniques of assessment and treatment also helps therapists or counselors work to end this problem. Lively yet reinforced by the latest research, Sibling Abuse, Second Edition offers comprehensive coverage of a subject not reflected much in the literatureùyet. Written for human services professionals, WieheÆs book will also make an excellent supplement for advanced students in social work, sociology, psychology, nursing, education, and family studies. Parents may also want to inform themselves by reading this book.

Sibling Abuse
An Undetected Problem

Physical Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Parental Reactions to Sibling Abuse
Understanding Sibling Abuse
Effects of Sibling Abuse on the Survivor
Distinguishing Abusive Behavior from Normal Behavior
Preventing Sibling Abuse
Treatment of Sibling Abuse Survivors
A Final Word

For instructors

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