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Social Network Analysis for Ego-Nets

Social Network Analysis for Ego-Nets

August 2015 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The ego-net approach to social network analysis, which takes discrete individual actors and their contacts as its starting point, is one of the most widely used approaches in the field. This is the first textbook to take readers through each stage of ego-net research, from conception, through research design and data gathering to analysis.

It starts with the basics, assuming no prior knowledge of social network analysis, but then moves on to introduce cutting edge innovations, covering both new statistical approaches to ego-net analysis and also the most recent thinking on mixing methods (quantitative and qualitative) to achieve depth and rigour. It is an absolute must for anybody wishing to explore the importance of networks.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Social Capital and Small Worlds - A Primer
Chapter 3: Getting Ego-Nets
Chapter 4: Analysing Ego-Net Data
Chapter 5: Narratives, Typologies and Case Studies
Chapter 6: Multilevel Models for Cross-Sectional Ego-Nets
Chapter 7: Statistical Analysis of Network Dynamics

Finally, a book on ego-centered networks! This new book provides a comprehensive introduction into the quantitative and qualitative analysis of egonets. It is very accessible for students who are new to the field and a valuable reference for researchers already working in it.

Miranda Lubbers
UAB Barcelona, Spain

This book fills a sizeable void in scholars’ bookshelves, especially those of
researchers and practitioners whom are focused on human-relationships. It is a
comprehensive introduction to the insightful task of performing social network
analysis (SNA) on ego-nets.

Terrill L. Frantz
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory

Crossley and colleague have produced an excellent book on Social Network Analysis. The book is informative and useful for students and researchers alike. I highly recommend the book

Dr Dirk vom Lehn
The Department of Management, King's College London
September 26, 2015

The book cover a wide spectrum of social network syllabus. It is very clear and concise. it is well written.

Professor Felix Requena
Sociology , University of Malaga
September 3, 2015

Must have book for anyone conducting egocentric SNA research. Provides practical guidance on the design and analysis of egocentric projects and is an easily accessible text.

Mr Sebastin Stevens
Faculty of Social Science and Business, University of Plymouth
December 4, 2015

This book is the new standard for analyzing ego-nets. Many researchers have been waiting for this book. Easy to read and comprehend. Just fantastic.

Dr Andreas Klaerner
Department of Social Science, University of Hamburg
June 25, 2015

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