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Social Welfare for a Global Era

Social Welfare for a Global Era
International Perspectives on Policy and Practice

February 2016 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written by internationally renowned author and scholar James Midgley, Social Welfare for a Global Era provides a comprehensive framework for examining social welfare from a global perspective. Drawing on a large body of literature and his own extensive knowledge of the field, Dr. Midgley offers students, scholars, and practitioners an up-to-date account of the complex ways social well-being is enhanced in the global era, including the major welfare institutions that provide a cultural context for social welfare policy and practice. 

Part I: The Global Context
Chapter 1: The Field of International Social Welfare
Practical Aspects of International Social Welfare

Academic Aspects of International Social Welfare

International Social Welfare: Benefits and Challenges

Chapter 2: Understanding the Modern World: From Nation State to Global Era
Nation States and the Emergence of the Global Era

Nation States and the Modern World

Social Conditions in the Modern World

Chapter 3: Globalization and the Global Era
Globalization: Historical and Academic Perspectives

Unraveling Globalization: Definition and Dimensions

The Impact of Globalization

Responding to Globalization

Part II: Promoting Social Welfare in the Global Era
Chapter 4: Families, Communities and Nonformal Welfare
The Nature of Nonformal Welfare

Challenges to Nonformal Welfare

Formalization, Integration and Opportunities

Chapter 5: Nonprofits and Faith-based Services: International Dimensions
Defining Nonprofits and Faith-based Organizations

Nonprofits and Faith-based Organizations in International Context

The Role of the Voluntary Sector

Chapter 6: Professional Social Work in the International Context
The Nature of Social Work

Social Work Around the World

International Social Work: Challenges and Issues

Chapter 7: Welfare, Markets and Commercial Provision
Understanding Markets and Commercial Providers

Varieties of Market-based Welfare

The Limitations of Markets and Commercial Provision

Chapter 8: Government Welfare in the Modern World
Defining the State and State Welfare

The Historical Evolution of State Welfare

State Welfare Around the World

Chapter 9: Governments, Welfare and Social Change
Analyzing Social Change

Changing State Welfare: From Golden Age to Crisis and Beyond

The Future of State Welfare: Shaping the New Pluralism

Chapter 10: Social Welfare and International Social Development
Features of Social Development

Social Development: Theory and Practice

Social Development: Limitations and Prospects

Part III: Social Welfare for a Global Era
Chapter 11: International Collaboration in Social Welfare
History of International Social Welfare Cooperation

Promoting International Social Welfare Cooperation

Issues and Challenges in Social Welfare Cooperation

Chapter 12: Epilogue: Towards a Global Perspective in Social Welfare
Roots of the One World Perspective

Elements of a One World Perspective

Challenges to a One World Perspective: Values and Power

Key features


  • A focus on international collaboration in social welfare includes the way social policymaking is becoming increasingly internationalized through the efforts of multi-lateral organizations and the willingness of national governments to collaborate on international initiatives.
  • A sensitivity to cultural diversity discusses the realities of global social welfare.
  • An in-depth overview of the role of families and communities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, commercial providers, professional social workers, and governments in social welfare addresses the local and international efforts to enhance social well-being.
  • A balanced approach to controversial issues details the strengths and weaknesses of different perspectives.
  • An extensive knowledge and use of the latest bibliographic references in the field exposes readers to key research and theory.

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