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Social Work in a Digital Society

Social Work in a Digital Society

First Edition

July 2012 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
This book will help students develop their understanding of how the internet is impacting on social work education and practice in 21st century. Essential reading for students interested in the influence of digital technology and social media, including the impact of digital divides, this book looks at how the value-base of social work can have a positive effect on service users and carers who engage with digital services.

Social Impact of ICT in 21st Century
Contemporary Digital Policy
Digital Equity, Digital Divides
Implications for Education
Implications for Placements
Digital Literacy

Social Work in a Digital Society is valuable addition to social work education. Its strengths lie in the clarity of the content presented and in the organization of the chapters... What is most commendable is the attention to social exclusion and marginalization that runs through the work. The underlying themes of social justice will endure as a dominant critical analysis.

Brian Rasmussen
Clinical Social Work Journal

A good introduction to the topic which needs to be explored in social work training in our modern age.

Mrs Kerry Fidler
School of Social Work, University of Leicester
February 16, 2015

I have a particular interest in this area and I find it an area of interest for many new students, espacially those familiar with technology from an early age. I found it useful in engaging students in this area as it was an accesible and well put together text. The students I have reccomended it to found it beneficial in developing their knowledge on how technology can be applied in a social work context.

Mr David McKendrick
Division of Social Work, Glasgow Caledonian University
August 12, 2014

Useful text and highly relevant for social workers

Mrs Jackie Plenty
Social Work Department, University Campus Suffolk
May 23, 2014

supplementary text for our social work students

Dr Vincent Icheku
Faculty of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University
December 3, 2013

Generaly an interesting read but we are now being limited to reduce lists of titles.

Mr David Edmondson
School of Health , Psychology and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University
October 23, 2013

The book provides a good overview on the importance of IT skills within social work. The book also outlines issues arising in the contemporary context of social media and social work and is thought provoking for strudents, who may not have considered these aspects of practice.

Miss Jessica Wagner
Faculty of Health and Sciences, Staffordshire University
April 22, 2013

Useful to use with new students to establish good digital practice. Students are able to gain a clear understanding of the issues associated with the complexities of the Digital Divide.

Lesley Parish
Social Work Office (Redditch), North East Worcestershire College
February 23, 2013

The Digital Society is increasingly becoming the "norm". Even if individuals choose not to join they will need to know what it is and how to avoid it. This is the book that shows what effect the rush into "Digitalism" can have.

Mr Maurice Fordy
Sociology and Social Work / Policy, Solihull College
January 23, 2013

Useful introduction

Philip Gilligan
Div. of Social Work, Bradford University
January 22, 2013

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