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Sociological Methodology

Sociological Methodology

Edited by:

Volume: 47

October 2018 | 405 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The 2017 volume of Sociological Methodology continues a 49-year tradition of providing cutting-edge methodology for sociological research.  Under the editorship of Duane F. Alwin, three features are prominent in this volume:

  • Dedication to publishing purely methodological work that may benefit sociology and the broader social sciences.
  • Contributions by both sociologists and nonsociologists that have important methodological implications for the social sciences.
  • Appropriate and practical methods for substantive social science research.

Duane F Alwin
Dedication: James A. Davis: Master of Social Surveys
Duane F Alwin
Symposium on Dynamic Network Models
Christoph Stadtfeld, James Hollway, Per Block
Dynamic Network Actor Models: Investigating Coordination Ties through Time
Tom A. B. Snijders
Comment: Modeling of Coordination, Rate Functions, and Missing Ordering Information
Carter T. Butts
Comment: Actor Orientation and Relational Event Models
Christoph Stadtfeld, James Hollway, Per Block
DyNAMs and the Grounds for Actor-oriented Network Event Models: A Rejoinder to Snijders and Butts
More on Social Network Models
Pavel N. Krivitsky, Carter T. Butts
Exponential-family Random Graph Models for Rank-order Relational Data
Multiplicative Models for Continuous Dependent Variables
Trond Petersen
Multiplicative Models for Continuous Dependent Variables: Estimation on Unlogged versus Logged Form
Leo A. Goodman
A New Way to View the Magnitude of the Difference between the Arithmetic Mean and the Geometric Mean and the Difference between the Slopes When a Continuous Dependent Variable Is Expressed in Raw Form Versus Logged Form
Causal Inference
Arvid Sjölander
The Case-time-control Method for Nonbinary Exposures
Geoffrey T. Wodtke, Daniel Almirall
Estimating Moderated Causal Effects with Time-varying Treatments and Time-varying Moderators: Structural Nested Mean Models and Regression with Residuals
Decomposing Segregation
Kazuo Yamaguchi
Decomposition Analysis of Segregation
Survey Measurement
Ashton M. Verdery, Jacob C. Fisher, Nalyn Siripong, Kahina Abdesselam, Shawn Bauldry
New Survey Questions and Estimators for Network Clustering with Respondent-driven Sampling Data
Rachel M. Shattuck, Michael S. Rendall
Retrospective Reporting of First Employment in the Life-courses of U.S. Women
Data Visualization
Zsuzsa Bakk, Niel J. le Roux
Visualizing Latent Class Models with Analysis-of-distance Biplots

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