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Sociological Snapshots 5

Sociological Snapshots 5
Seeing Social Structure and Change in Everyday Life

Fifth Edition
Edited by:

June 2008 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The Fifth Edition of the best-selling Sociological Snapshots continues to provide a solid foundation for students as it introduces them to the world of sociological analysis. Combining abstract sociological concepts with interesting and grounded essays (“snapshots”) on issues of contemporary interest, this book helps students discover relevant connections and encourages them to develop a sociological eye. By linking everyday life experiences to foundational concepts and concerns, it serves as an effective springboard from the student’s familiar and concrete world to the more abstract realm of sociological theory and the sociological perspective.

Student-friendly introductions preceding each section of the text provide rich context and tie the readings to the central concepts of sociological thought, while writing, observation, and data-collecting exercises following each section encourage students to practice what they are learning.

New to the Fifth Edition

  • Features updated topics and research within each essay
  • Includes five new snapshots on current issues: immigrants from Latin American countries; celebratory rioting by college students; hate as a mental illness; sex offenders; and violence on the national mall in Washington, D.C.
  • Provides an updated annotated reading list at the end of each section, connecting the informal essays to the more formal research literature of the discipline

Intended Audience
Using accessible language and an entertaining writing style, this book is a valuable supplementary text for Introductory Sociology, Social Change, or Modernization courses.

Contributor to the SAGE Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award

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Just How Powerful Is a Role?

Better Late Than Never

Heartburn and Modern Times

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading

DEVELOPING IDEAS: About Social Structure

PART I. Culture

The Immaculate Americans

Baby Boomers

The Demise of Bystander Apathy

Elevator Culture

Making Monsters into Celebrities (with James Alan Fox)

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading


PART II. Socialization

Can Hate Be Healed? (with Arnold Arluke)

Teaching Students They Are Not at the Center

Confessions of a Soap Opera Addict

Violence in City Schools (with Heather Beth Johnson)

Sticks and Stones May Break . . .

Adult Socialization Can Be Murder

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading

DEVELOPING IDEAS: About Socialization

PART III. The Group Experience

College Fraternities: A Counteracting Force on Campus

The Appeal of Cults

Reunion, American Style

The Consequences of Coalitions

Children of the Organization Men

Thwarting the Bullies

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading

DEVELOPING IDEAS: About the Group Experience

PART IV. Institutions

Who’s Minding the Kids?

Let the System Do It!

Americans Are Moving to the Margins of Society

Dirty Work

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading

DEVELOPING IDEAS: About Institutions

PART V. Deviance

Fat Chance in a Slim World

You Must Get Ill First; Then You Recover

Is the Death Penalty Only a Vehicle for Revenge?

Animal Cruelty and Human Violence (with Arnold Arluke)

America’s Youngsters Are Responsible for Church Burnings

Keeping Children Safe from Sex Crimes

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading


PART VI. Social Inequality

The Economic Escalator

An Apple Pie and an Open Mind

Profiling Terrorists (with Deborah Ramirez)

Gender Inequality Across Cultures

Give Us Still Your Masses

The Stigma of Aging

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading

DEVELOPING IDEAS: About Social Inequality

PART VII. Social Change

The Boomerang Effect in Planning Social Change


Keeping an Eye and a Camera on College Students

Riding the Rumor Mill

Highway to Hell?

Enquiring Times

Terror American Style

FOCUS: Suggestions for Further Reading

DEVELOPING IDEAS: About Social Change


useful contexts but a heavy USA bias, which might be misleading to UK students

Mr Mark Burns
Uniform Public Services, Loughborough College
December 4, 2013
Key features
Contemporary - Short, informal essays covering topics such as hate crimes, job stress, and Americans' hygiene habits, start students on the road to thinking sociologically.

Student Friendly - Introductions preceding each section link these informal essays to the central ideas in sociology.

An annotated reading list concludes each section, tying the informal essays to the more formal research literature of the discipline.

Writing, observation, and data-collecting exercises at the end of each section encourage students to use and develop their sociological eye still further.  

Sample Materials & Chapters

Part 1 - Culture

Part 3 - The Group Experience

Part 5 - Deviance

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