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Spatialising Politics

Spatialising Politics
Culture and Geography in Postcolonial Sri Lanka

First Edition
Edited by:

June 2018 | 252 pages | SAGE India
Spatialising Politics: Culture and Geography in Postcolonial Sri Lanka brings together essays on the theme of spatial politics of Sri Lanka. Space is an important factor in the ongoing ethnic conflict fuelling Sri Lanka's continuing civil war. Claims and contestations over the integrity of island space and the control of northern and eastern territories are central to the violently contested dispute. The editors view space from a different perspective. They argue that space is important through a number of registers less frequently invoked in dominant approaches to understanding postcolonial Sri Lankan nationhood, identity and difference. The book examines and historicizes the role of spatialities often occluded within the debates on Sri Lankan politics such as, cities and built-space, diasporic productions and imaginations, commodity cultures and their concordant networks, knowledge spaces and 'foreign' intervention, landscape and sacred space, as well as geographical knowledge.

Situated at the intersection of human geography and postcolonial studies, the book signals the ways that postcolonialism and geography are intimately linked and how their intersections evoke the social, spatial and political effects of enduring colonial discourse and representation. In developing its argument, Spatialising Politics also gestures towards alternative spatial imaginations, possibilities and representations, at a time when spaces for alternative discourses on Sri Lankan politics are fast shrinking.

Tariq Jazeel and Cathrine Brun
Introduction: Spatial Politics and Postcolonial Sri Lanka
Nira Wickramasinghe
The Imagined Spaces of Empire
James Duncan
Coffee, Disease and the "Simultaneity of Stories-So-Far" in the Highlands of 19th-century Ceylon
Sharon Bell
The Distance of a Shout
Benedikt Korf
Cartographic Violence: Engaging a Sinhala Kind of Geography
Tariq Jazeel
Geography, Spatial Politics and Productions of the National in Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost
Camilla Orjuela
Meeting Places? Centre and Periphery in Civil Society Peace Work
Nihal Perera
Rebuilding Lives, Undermining Oppositions: Spaces of War and Peace in the North
Oivind Fuglerud
Fractured Sovereignty: LTTE's State-Building in an Interconnected World
Cathrine Brun and Tariq Jazeel
Concluding Thoughts
Pradeep Jeganathan

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