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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
Tools and Theories for Responsible Management

April 2018 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With the changing expectations of consumers, employees and regulators, being best in the world is no longer enough. Businesses are now also expected to be best for the world: to be socially and environmentally responsible, sustainable and ethical.

Based on the idea that strategic CSR offers the most holistic and effective approach to corporate social responsibility, the author presents the key concepts, theories and philosophical approaches to CSR, along with the practical tools needed to implement this knowledge in the real world.

The book is split into three parts; the first part provides the theoretical background of CSR, the second part examines various CSR approaches and how they can be implemented, and the third part discusses measuring and communicating CSR.

Each chapter contains questions for reflection & discussion, exercises, and case studies from globally recognised brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Nestle, Marks & Spencer, TOMS Shoes, LEGO, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

The book is complemented by chapter specific lecturer PowerPoint slides, which can be found here.

Suitable reading for students on Corporate Social Responsibility modules.

Chapter 1: Our Changing World and the Evolution of CSR
Chapter 2: From CSR Pyramids to Shared Value and Beyond: CSR Models and Frameworks
Chapter 3: Moving beyond shareholders: Internal and external stakeholder
Chapter 4: Business Ethics: How philosophy can help us make ethical decisions in today’s business
Chapter 5: Environmental Sustainability: The Role of Business in Sustainable Development
Chapter 6: Responsible Leadership: Inspiring corporate social responsibility
Chapter 7: All aboard: Involving stakeholders in CSR
Chapter 8: CSR impact: Creating, Measuring and Communicating the Impact
Chapter 9: Benchmarking CSR: Frameworks, standards, certifications and indices
Chapter 10: CSR Reporting
Chapter 11: CSR and Marketing: Three Frontiers
Chapter 12: The Way Forward: Making the Shift

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