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Strategic Technologies for the Military

Strategic Technologies for the Military
Breaking New Frontiers

First Edition
  • Ajey Lele - Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, India

November 2009 | 220 pages | SAGE India
This book provides a holistic view of the key technologies that are expected to revolutionize military affairs and change the nature of warfare tactics and the existing concept of the 'battlefield' itself in the near future. It addresses five key technologies—near-space technology, robotics, directed energy weapons, nanotechnology, and biotechnology—and explains why they are being considered for military applicability worldwide. It highlights how they would contribute to the future warfare tactics and defense mechanisms of various countries. In addition, it also discusses the possible military utilities of two other technologies—ambient intelligence and cognitive technology.

Written in an easy-to-understand style, the book presents a social–scientific approach. It describes the nuances of technological development in a purely scientific manner and provides a social perspective to their relevance for future warfare and for issues such as disarmament and arms control, as well as their impact on the environment. The book begins with a focus on the research going on in several developed countries in the last decade—some of them for nearly two decades now—and then narrows its focus on India and a few developing countries. It concludes with a few India-specific recommendations, which would help policy-makers and military leadership to methodically incorporate the recent technological developments in the future warfare and defense tactics of the country.

Strategic Technologies for the Military: Breaking New Frontiers, as can be gauged from the title, will be immensely useful for students and academics working in the fields of defense and strategic studies, politics, and international relations.

Near Space Technology: Relevance in the Evolving Security Environment
Military Robots
Speed of Light Weaponry: Directed Energy Weapons
Role of Nanotechnology in Defence
Military Applicability of Biotechnology
Cognitive Technology and Ambient Intelligence
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ISBN: 9788132102410

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