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Strategies for Teaching a Criminal Justice Course

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We are excited to share the latest issue of CJ Link, a newletter dedicated to exploring trending topics and strategies that directly impact the way you teach criminal justice. In this issue, you'll hear from trusted criminal justice experts and instructors on how to engage students in open dialogue and critical thinking, as well as why it's important to use accessible, yet challenging content in your course. You'll also access free activities to try in your Introduction to Criminal Justice course—all designed to engage your students in a meaningful way. Don't miss the "In this issue" section below for details. 

We created this newsletter because we believe passionately in the power of education to transform the criminal justice system. To this end, we offer course tools and resources, written by renowned scholars and practitioners, that focus on critical thinking and application across the curriculum to help you prepare the next generation of criminal justice professionals.

We hope you find these topics helpful!


The Sage Publishing Criminal Justice & Criminology Team

In this issue: 

Balancing Research with Experience Working on Death Row

Experienced Forensic Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Kenneth B. Cairns shares an insightful approach to teaching that combines the application of both detailed research and on-the-job experience.

Engaged Learning Techniques in Criminology

Associate Professor of Sociology Rena C. Zito outlines effective techniques that encourage engaged learning, along with fresh ideas to apply these techniques in your Introductory Criminology course.

Teaching Controversial Issues in Criminal Justice

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and former police officer Connie M. Koski provides effective strategies for leading classroom conversations on controversial topics. 

Fundamentals of Criminal Law

Experienced Criminal Law Professor Daniel E. Hall shares why he believes in accessible, yet challenging course content, as he offers an effective aid to your teaching and to your students’ learning.

Free Activities for Your Criminal Law Course

Engage your students with these free activities for your course. Share each activity with your students by simply copying and pasting the activity page URL into your learning management system (LMS).

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