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Student Study Guide to Accompany Statistics Alive!

Student Study Guide to Accompany Statistics Alive!

Third Edition

August 2020 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This affordable student study guide and workbook to accompany Wendy J. Steinberg and Matthew Price’s Statistics Alive!, Third Edition, helps students get the added review and practice they need to improve their skills and master their Introduction to Statistics course.

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Student Study Guide to Accompany Statistics Alive!, Third Edition + Main Text
ISBN: 978-1-0718-3088-8

Module 1. Math Review, Vocabulary, and Symbols
Module 2. Measurement Scales
Module 3. Frequency and Percentile Tables
Module 4. Graphs and Plots
Module 5. Mode, Median, and Mean
Module 6. Range, Variance, and Standard Deviation
Module 7. Percent Area and the Normal Curve
Module 8. z Scores
Module 9. Score Transformations and Their Effects
Module 10. Probability Definitions and Theorems
Module 11. The Binomial Distribution
Module 12. Sampling, Variables, and Hypotheses
Module 13. Errors and Significance
Module 14. The z Score as a Hypothesis Test
Module 15. Standard Error of the Mean
Module 16. Normal Deviate Z Test
Module 17. One-Sample t Test
Module 18. Interpreting and Reporting One-Sample t: Error, Confidence, and Parameter Estimates
Module 19. Standard Error of the Difference Between the Means
Module 20. t Test With Independent Samples and Equal Sample Sizes
Module 21. t Test With Unequal Sample Sizes
Module 22. t Test With Related Samples
Module 23. Interpreting and Reporting Two-Sample t: Error, Confidence, and Parameter Estimates
Module 24. ANOVA Logic: Sums of Squares, Partitioning, and Mean Squares
Module 25. One-Way ANOVA: Independent Samples and Equal Sample Sizes
Module 26. Tukey HSD Test
Module 27. Scheffé Test
Module 28. Main Effects and Interaction Effects
Module 29. Factorial ANOVA
Module 30. One-Variable Chi-Square: Goodness of Fit
Module 31. Two-Variable Chi-Square: Test of Independence
Module 32. Measures of Effect Size
Module 33. Power and the Factors Affecting It
Module 34. Relationship Strength and Direction
Module 35. Pearson r
Module 36. Correlation Pitfalls
Module 37. Linear Prediction
Module 38. Standard Error of Prediction
Module 39. Introduction to Multiple Regression
Module 40. Selecting the Appropriate Analysis
Key features

The study guide has been updated to match the changes in the main text. This includes:
  • reducing and simplifying problems related to linear regression;
  • updating examples and data in the problems themselves;
  • adding problems on box plots; and
  • simplifying hand calculation problems with more problems focusing on underlying understanding and concepts of statistics.


Each module includes:

the learning objectives and a summary of the matching module in the main text;

  • computational exercises focusing on equations and calculations;
  • true or false questions focusing on core concepts;
  • short answer questions focusing on in-depth concepts; and
  • multiple choice questions at a variety of levels.

Module quizzes mimic chapter tests to offer students practice for exams.

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