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Supporting Every Child

Supporting Every Child

Second Edition
Edited by:

January 2013 | 168 pages | Learning Matters
This course book is for all degree students who are support staff, particularly teaching assistants (TAs), working in educational settings. It focuses on professional, academic and vocational issues that are common to support workers across the school sectors, and provides essential guidance on the increasingly complex role of all those involved in teaching and supporting learning. The reader is supported throughout by learning objectives, practical and reflective tasks, relevant case studies and chapter summaries. This new edition has been extensively revised to reflect recent changes in legislation, policy and the curriculum. It includes new or significantly amended chapters; on the development of support staff; supporting pupils in crisis; learning in the early years; inclusion, SEN and phonics.

New to this edition:

New legislation and policy changes mean updates required.

Development of a new curriculum has brought changes.

Gillian Goddard
Introduction: The Role and Scope of Support Staff in Education Practice
Anita Walton
Support Staff as Professionals
Susan Graves
Working with Other Professionals
Maureen Judge and Felix Obadan
Supporting the Whole Child
Linda Dunne and Lisa O'Connor
Inclusion and SEN
Alexis Moore and Joanne Sutcliffe
Behaviour for Learning
Sue Farragher and Gillian Goddard
Teaching and Learning
Karen Castle and Gillian Goddard
Managing Change
Karen Boardman
Teaching Reading Using Synthetic Phonics
Gillian Goddard
Supporting Pupils through Crisis
Jacqui Basquill
Supporting Learning in the Early Years
Gillian Goddard and Anita Walton
Education in the 21st century

An excellent handbook for foundation degree students. the reflective tasks will allow the students to realy consider thir own practice in relation to inclusivity . Current and relevent information regarding policy and theory. covers recent changes in legislation and curriculum and is aimed at support staff and HLTA in early yaers. clear objectives and practical tasks and case studies to really involve the student in their learning. A great book.

Mrs Helen Middleton
Caring, Cardiff and Vale College
July 16, 2012

Good clear and supportive reading materials

Ms Jane Stevens
Early Years, Amersham & Wycombe College
June 20, 2012

For instructors

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