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Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) Awardees

Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) Awards

Congratulations to the authors of the six SAGE titles honored with 2020 Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) awards, including the McGuffey Longevity Award, the Textbook Excellence Award, and the Most Promising New Textbook Award. The awards attest to our commitment to quality content, evidence-based research, and innovative pedagogy.


SAGE is proud to offer instructors free resources from these award-winning titles—including videos, webinars, author interviews, and more—for use in their courses. Access these resources below or read our press release to learn more.


Textbook Excellence Award


Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence

Child Development from Infancy to Adolescence:
An Active Learning Approach,
Second Edition

Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch

Access a free SAGE original video that helps students understand development in children.

"The comprehensive and rich content in the textbook, Child Development from Infancy to Adolescence, is embedded in an interactive environment of quizzes, within-chapter questions, activities, a website, supportive materials from the publisher, and definitions of key terms. The student can open any page and find a compelling and provocative topic about child development, not just presented in the narrative but also illustrated in a photo, graph, or a series of questions. It provides a cornucopia of rich content presented in a form that will be highly understandable and appealing to students."
—TAA Judge

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice:
Systems, Diversity, and Change,
Third Edition

Callie Marie Rennison, Mary Dodge

Access free Criminal Justice in Practice videos on housing inmates and terrorism that pose questions to students about what they would do in given scenarios.

"Introduction to Criminal Justice gives an excellent insight into our world of crime fighting and justice! I have rarely read a textbook that incorporates the use of stylized visuals and current events so successfully. This book is so engaging, students might not realize they are reading such a substantively well structured and competent text, but they will definitely learn a lot from it."
—TAA Judge

Business and Professional Communication

Business and Professional Communication:
KEYS for Workplace Excellence,
Fourth Edition

Kelly M. Quintanilla, Shawn T. Wahl

Explore free sample chapters on business and professional excellence in the workplace and on verbal and nonverbal communication.

"Communications is all about simplicity and this book does a great job of demonstrating that. Business and Professional Communication: KEYS for Workplace Excellence is well written. Writing style and language places the responsibility for learning on the student but more importantly, convinces the student of the need to develop the skills. Very thorough, I wish our students had this book for their communications course!"
—TAA Judge

Most Promising New Textbook Award


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management:
People, Data, and Analytics

Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, David Caughlin, Donald Truxillo

Explore free video resources for your online or on-campus course(s):

"Human Resources Management: People, Data, and Analytics is an essential update for any aspiring HR professional. It deserves an award for its in-depth framework, effective structure, unique data, and great analytical exercises that provide both the instructors and the students with all the necessary tools for effective human resource management and critical thinking. The authors offer an outstanding interactive guide, rooted in a thoughtful selection of convincing narrative, real-world examples, and countless applications."
—TAA Judge 

Innovation in Mixed Methods Research

Innovation in Mixed Methods Research:
A Practical Guide to Integrative Thinking with Complexity

Cheryl N. Poth

Explore an open-access media library containing videos that address questions in mixed methods.

"Innovation In Mixed Method Research offers unique perspectives on mixed method studies and practical guidance for researchers who must navigate the some time confusing and often complex methods of its approach. Its readability and clarity make it the most valuable book I have ever seen on mixed methods research. This practical guide to mixed methods research offers an in-depth, well-written look at the complex topic of mixed-methods research. This book will aid many graduate students and undergraduates in their quest to enter the mixed methods landscape to solve the grand challenges of our time." 
—TAA Judge


McGuffey Longevity Award


Intelligence, 8e

From Secrets to Policy,
Eighth Edition
Mark M. Lowenthal

Explore an exclusive chapter on the intelligence agenda.

"Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy is a timely book that makes an overwhelming amount of complex, but vitally important information easy-to-read and understand. In an era of social media and globalization, this is a must-read book for any student considering a career in policy and/or governance. It is a masterwork in all aspects of government intelligence policy, gathering, analysis, and ethical issues. Lowenthal presents this subject with all of its many dilemmas and enigmas using a writing style that is clear and engaging. This book should be required reading for any and all citizens with a desire to understand how government intelligence operations really work."
—TAA Judge