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Teachers Working Together for School Success

Teachers Working Together for School Success

Edited by:

June 2004 | 104 pages | Corwin

"Would be a great 'welcome to our school' gift from principals to new teachers."
Kim Truesdell, Teacher Education Institute
University of Buffalo

Learn to work together toward a stronger school community!

True or false: Leaders are born, not made. Teachers are leaders in the classroom, not the school. Shatter these myths--and find a better way to maximize your school's success--by learning proven professional development skills. This indispensable guide provides straightforward concepts and applicable activities, all aimed at reinforcing your strengths and strengthening what you used to consider your weaknesses.

Teachers Working Together for School Success
demonstrates how to be a leader both inside and outside the classroom, and then shows you how your leadership holds the power to improve your classroom, school, district, and off-campus life. Based on the concept that today's educators must interact with each other more than ever, Martinez presents questions, activities, and suggestions to help teachers:

  • Exercise leadership influence in their relationships with co-workers
  • Understand the concepts of conflict and resolution as applied to the school setting
  • Judge how to effectively contribute to a team effort
  • Examine their own performance and professional growth  

By pooling your strengths with those of your fellow teachers, you will discover that you have all the elements necessary for organizational success.

About the Author
1. Successful Teachers, Successful Schools
Building Quality Relationships

Collegiality for Personal Satisfaction

Collegiality for School Improvement

Collegiality Can Be Learned


2. The Leadership Mindset for Teachers
Misconceptions About Leadership

Teachers As Leaders

Your Personal Leadership Portrait

Improving Strengths and Weaknesses


3. Teacher-to-Teacher: Personality and Communication
Understanding Personality Increases Compatibility

Assessing Your Personality

Personalities in Action

Applying the Concepts of Personality to Your School


4. The Teacher's Role in Managing Conflict
Sources of Conflict

Relational Conflict

Resource Conflict

Strategies to Resolve Conflict

Matching Conflicts to Strategies

Conflict Profiles


5. The Growing Need for Teamwork
What Is a Team?

Effective Teams

Team Objective

Team Stages

Team Members

Team Size


6. Working With Your Administrator
Administrative Leadership Styles

The Work-Centered Administrator

The People-Centered Administrator


7. Assessing Your Performance as a Teaching Professional
Teacher Self-Test and Assessment Profile

Using the Teacher Assessment Profile as a Tool for Improvement


8. Working Together
Knowing Yourself First

Using Tools to Improve Collegiality

Understanding Leadership Styles



"Would be a great ‘welcome to our school’ gift from principals to new teachers."

Kim Truesdell, Teacher Education Institute
University of Buffalo

"This training will be a useful resource for a wide range of individuals, from new teachers or even student teachers to supervising teachers."

Michelle Barnea, Educational Consultant
Millburn, NJ
Key features
  • Offers practical tools that help teachers improve their interpersonal skills both at school and at home. 
  • Helps school admininstrators, staff developers, and teacher leaders build professional learning communities where teachers thrive, with improved morale and job satisfaction.
  • Moves from theory to practice in every chapter.
  • Covers peer collegiality, working with supervisors, conflict resolution, communication, leadership, and leadership styles.   
  • Text, reproducibles, activities, and self-assessments are research based and seminar tested. 


Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Successful Teachers, Successful Schools

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