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Teaching Beautiful Brilliant Black Girls

Teaching Beautiful Brilliant Black Girls

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March 2021 | 576 pages | Corwin

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Introduction. Black Girls are Beautiful and Brilliant
I. “Black people I love you, I love us, Our Lives Matter” - Alicia Garza #BlackLivesMatter
CH1. Black “Girls” are Different not Deficient
Vignette: Black Girl Got Magic

Vignette: It Takes A Village: Black Girl Physician, Black Girl Scientist

CH2. Black, Beautiful, and Brilliant: It Takes A Village, Counter Safe Spaces for Black Super Girls
Vignette: Ode to the Black Woman High School Student

CH3. A Systemic Response to Creating a School Where Black Girls Can Thrive
Book Review: Hey, Black Child

II. “Nah” - Harriet Tubman: Stereotypes and Tropes
Vignette: Where Does the Sapphire Caricature Come From?

CH4. My Eloquent, Angry, Black Rage
CH5. The Right Kind of Black Girl
CH6. Colorism in the Classroom
Vignette: The Token Tax

III. “Spirit Murdering” - Bettina Love
CH7. Visible Black Girls... Powerful Beyond Measure
Vignette: You Murdered my Rhythm and Blues: Black Girls Still Got Magic

CH8. Why Does My Darkness Blind You? Abandoning Racist Teaching Practices
Book Review: Genesis Begins Again

CH9. Finding My Armor of Self-Love
IV. “Reclaiming My Time” - Maxine Waters
CH10. Girls in the School to Prison Pipeline: Implications of History, Policy, and Race
CH11. How Dare you Be Brilliant: Precarious Situation for Black Girls
CH12. Girl Trafficking Misunderstood: Understanding The Commercially Sexually Exploited African American Girl
Vignette: Black Girls Trapped in Our Foster Care System

Vignette: My Transracial Adoption Experience: Being Seen and Not Seen At All

Vignette: Know Your Body, Sis

CH13. Little Black Girls with Curves
Vignette: Fat, Black, and Female

V. “Your Silence is a Knee on My Neck” - Natasha Cloud
CH14. Whiteness Competency: How Not to Be BBQ Becky
CH15. Can I do this if I’m White?: How White Educators can be the Teachers their Black Girl Students Deserve
CH16. Not Knowing and Not Controlling: Learning Alongside Black Girl Students
Vignette: Confessions of a White Teacher: Seven Ways I Failed Beautiful and Brilliant Black Girls

Vignette: Humbling Feedback

Vignette: Is This the Solidarity I Seek?

CH17. Not in Our Name: Fierce Allyship for White Women
Vignette: The Culture Walk

CH18. White Teachers, Black Girls, and White Fragility
VI. “Give light and people will find the way.” – Ella Baker
Vignette: Dear, Dear, Dear!

CH19. A Reimagined Pedagogy of Affirmation and Artistic Practices
Vignette: Infinitely Crowned

I. “I’ll be Bossy and Damn Proud” - Rosa Clemente
CH20. Who are Black Girls: An Intersectional Herstory of Feminism
Book Review: Crossing Ebenezer Creek

Vignette: This Is What a (Pan)African Feminist Looks Like

CH21. Navigating Multiple Identities: The Black Immigrant Girl Experience
Vignette: It should have been all of us, together, against the system: Latinidad, Blackness, and Queer Identity

CH22. Yes! Black girls are genderqueerand transgender, too!
CH23. Prismatic Black Girls Reflecting African Spiritualities in Learning Environments
Book Review: Pet

II. “I am desperate for change - now - not in 8 years or 12 years, but right now” - Michelle Obama
CH24. Black Girl in the Playground
Vignette: Who’s Going to Sing A Black Girl’s Song

Vignette: My Black, My Beautiful, My Brilliant

CH25. Black Girls Voices Matter: Empowering the Voices of Black Girls against Co-opting and Colonization
III. “Don’t Touch My Hair” - Solange
CH26. She Wears a Crown: Centering Black Girlhood in Schools
CH27. I am Not My Hair
Vignette: Covered Girls

Book Review: I’m Enough

IV. “We want to turn victims into survivors - and survivors into thrivers” - Tarana Burke
Vignette: Mirror, Mirror

CH28. Voice Activation and Volume Control in the Workplace
Vignette: Black Girls Say #MeToo

V. “Freedom is a Constant Struggle” - Angela Davis
CH29. When She is the Only One: High Achieving Black Girls in Suburban Schools
CH30. Liminal and Limitless: Black Girls in Independent Schools
Vignette: A Black Woman Who Attended a Predominantly White School Returns to Teach Black Girls in Predominantly White Schools

Book Review: A Good Kind of Trouble

VI. “Dreamkeepers” - Gloria Ladson Billings
CH31. Mrs. Ruby Middleton Forsythe (Miss Ruby): The Power of Sankofa
Vignette: • A Black Woman's Reflections on the Road I Made While Walking:Remarks from My Retirement Ceremony

Book Review: Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer: The Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement

I. “Such As I Am, A Precious Gift” - Zora Neale Hurston
CH32. Black Girls Got it Goin’ On
Vignette: Black Girls Are Precious Gifts: Educators Don't Be Kryptonite

Vignette: Dear Mr. Guillen

Vignette: So you Wanted to See the Wizard

CH33. Learning to Listen to Her: Psychological Verve with Black Girls
Vignette: Creating Safe Spaces for Black Queer Girls

Vignette: Being a Trans Black Girl

II. #1000BlackGirlBooks - Marley Dias
CH34. Selecting and Using BACE (Blackcentric, Authentic, and Culturally Engaging) Books: She Looks Like Me
CH35. Hair Representation Matters: Selecting Children’s Books for Black Girls
Book Review: The Night Is Yours

CH36. Teaching Reading to Beautiful and Brilliant and Black Girls: Building a Strong Culture of Engagement
Book Review: Children of Blood and Bones

III. “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing” - Audre Lorde
CH37. Black Girl Sisterhood as Resilience And Resistance
CH38. Respect Black Girls: Prioritize, Embrace and Value
CH39. Understanding the Intersecting Identities of Black Girls
Vignette: Just Educational Ecosystems for Black Girls: Educators, here are 8 ways you can support Black Muslim Girls during the School year

Vignette: The Skin I’m in

CH40. #StudentAsSignMaker: Curating Classrooms For Identity Development
Vignette: Beautiful, Brilliant, Black and Deaf

CH41. Black Men Teaching Beautiful and Brilliant Black Girls: Resisting Patriarchal and Sexist Socializations
Vignette: Paragon Project: The Transformative Power of HipHop Education To Save Lives

Vignette: I Wish You Believed in Magic

CH42. Black Girl Magic: Beauty, Brilliance, and Coming to Voice in the Classroom
IV. “Perseverance is my motto” -Madam C. J. Walker
CH43. Listen to Her!: Black Girls Constructing Activist Identities in a School-Based Leadership Program
Vignette: Black Girls as Leaders

CH44. When You Imagine a Scientist, Technologist, Engineer, Artist or Mathematician, Imagine A Black Girl
Book Review: Slay

Vignette: Did I Even Matter?

CH45. Developing an Ethics of Engaging Black Girls in Digital Spaces
CH46. A Matter of Media: Cultural Appropriation and Expectations of Black Girls
CH47. "Catch This Magic”: How Schools Get in the Way of Gifted Black Girls
V. “Be thankful that you've been given that gift because [Black] girls are amazing” - Kobe Bryant
Vignette: Black Girls Own Their Future

Book Review: Juneteenth - For Mazie

Vignette:Love Letter to My Dazzling, Darling Daughters

Vignette: Love letter

Vignette: Lioness to Bee: A Love Letter to the Pride!

Vignette: Anyia

VI. “We Will Fight Till the Last of Us Falls in the Battlefield” - Nana Yaa Asanatewaa, Queenmother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire, Ghana
Vignette: A Mother of the Movement Speaks Out

CH48. Motherwork as Pedagogy
Vignette: Jenga: The Game Single Mothers Play in the World of Academia

Vignette: Black Girl Fears Motherhood

Vignette: Dear Bayje

Vignette: A Love Letter to My Daughter Alyse

Vignette: Diamonds: Black, Beautiful, Brilliant



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