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Teaching English and Maths in FE

Teaching English and Maths in FE
What works for vocational learners?

June 2017 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
Teaching English and Maths in FE is a guide for all teachers in the FE and Skills Sector, regardless of their discipline. It explores how FE teachers can address the mathematics and English needs of all learners, to redress the skills gap that is a current focus. The text explores what works in the sector, examining the barriers to learning and how all learners can be included. It takes a focused look at what works for the vocational learners who have not succeeded in a school setting, and helps tackle the problem of low motivation in learners.

The text goes beyond simply providing strategies to follow and includes background theory and detailed case studies to enhance your understanding of different approaches. 

Incorporating maths and English
Policy and context
Theories on, and around, learning
Strategies for Embedding Maths
Strategies for Embedding English
Technology-Enhanced Learning
Embedding for Inclusion
Health and Social Care (Case Study)
Motor Vehicle Studies (Case Study)
Hair and Beauty (Case Study)
Construction (case study)

A fabulous book, historical context explained extremely well with lots of contextualised examples from practice provided. Highly recommended book.

Miss Kelly Stewart
Teacher Education, Accrington And Rossendale College
September 14, 2017

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