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Teaching Literacy to Learners with Dyslexia

Teaching Literacy to Learners with Dyslexia
A Multisensory Approach

Third Edition
Additional resources:

June 2022 | 520 pages | Corwin UK

This bestselling book for teaching literacy to children and young people aged 4–16 years with dyslexia and other specific literacy difficulties has been fully updated for its third edition.

Providing a structured multi-sensory programme, ‘Conquering Literacy’, that includes placement tests, well-established strategies and examples of lesson planning, teaching activities, and reading, spelling and literacy concept cards, this book is an essential practical resource for teachers.

This new edition includes:

  • an additional section for learners who need an individualised, structured programme at an advanced stage (Stage II);

  • a section on planning shorter, targeted interventions for learners with a particular difficulty e.g. spelling, revising;

  • three new chapters on teaching reading, spelling and writing within mainstream classrooms using strategies which are successful with learners with dyslexia

  • downloadable teaching resources available from the companion website.

Part I: Teaching Learners With Dyslexia: Theory and Context
Chapter 1: What Is Dyslexia?
Chapter 2: The Role of Memory in Acquiring Literacy Skills
Chapter 3: Phonology, Phonological Awareness and Literacy
Chapter 4: Reading, Spelling and Dyslexia: Theory and Research
Chapter 5: Dyslexia and Learners for Whom English Is an Additional Language
Part II: Teaching Literacy to Learners With Dyslexic-Type Difficulties
Chapter 6: Strategies for Reading
Chapter 7: Strategies for Spelling
Chapter 8: Strategies for Writing
Part III: Conquering Literacy: A Multisensory Programme for Teaching Learners With Dyslexia
Chapter 9: Principles, Teaching Methods and Programme Structure
Chapter 10: Lesson Planning
Chapter 11: Alphabet Knowledge and Skills
Chapter 12: The Role of Memory in the Programme
Chapter 13: Introducing the New Teaching Point in a Lesson
Part IV: Conquering Literacy – A Multisensory Programme
Part V: The Accelerated Programme
Part VI: Downloadable Resources

There are chapters on subjects that practitioners may find particularly interesting, such as ‘Dyslexia and Learners for whom English is an Additional Language’, and ‘The Role of Memory in Acquiring Literacy Skills’ - Jan Beechey

Jan Beechey
Dyslexia Review

On the list for those exploring the SEN module

Mrs Catherine Carden
Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University
December 4, 2023

Absolutely one of the best books for teachers studying at the Postgraduate level for specialist teaching and SpLD courses.

Mrs Jan Beechey
Education and Training, Dyslexia Action
October 21, 2022
  • 3 new Chapters which include sections on supporting learners and how to apply specialist strategies in the mainstream classroom:

    • Chapter 6 Reading for learners with Dyslexic-type Difficulties

    • Chapter 7 Spelling for learners with Dyslexic-type Difficulties

    • Chapter 8 Writing for learners with Dyslexic-type Difficulties

  • A new Section C Beyond the Accelerated Programme within Part V for leaners who do not need a full structured programme

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