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Teaching Secondary English

Teaching Secondary English

First Edition

December 2003 | 198 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The author shows how teachers can enable their students to acquire skills and knowledge, as well as to recognize the value of aesthetic experience, emotional literacy, and spiritual and moral response to literature in their own lives and in their communities.

The Art of Teaching English
`Operational' Lesson Planning
`Metre' Reading
Assessment in English

English Teachers' Professional Development
Literature and Literacy at Key Stage 3
Teaching GCSE English and English Literature
Teaching English 16-18
Advanced Level

Making Meaning
The Media, ICT and Drama

Differentiation and the Individual
Gender, Ethnicity and Special Needs

Firing the Canon
Popularizing Poetry
Spiritual and Moral Development Through English

`Instead of taking us yet again on a tour through the four modalities of English, this book's tri-partite structure takes a refreshingly different approach by offering thought-provoking argument grounded in classroom practicality' - Nick McGuinn, University of York

Students' comments on

Teaching Secondary English:

`The book is written in clear, digestible terms, offering many practical ideas for teaching the key skills and the wide range of material encountered in the English classroom. .. It is the kind of book which can be dipped into, which is particularly useful for people who spend most of their time planning lessons!'

`Teaching Secondary English is a must for student teachers and NQTs. It is a clear, comprehensive and practical guidebook dealing not solely with theory and pedagogy, but with the very real issues facing new teachers today'

` It is clear that Teaching Secondary English, unlike so many textbooks on the subject, is written by someone with recent classroom experience and this helps the reader to trust and respect the advice it purports. I certainly feel it is grounded in practicalities not "pie in the sky" theory that will not work in most `real' classrooms!'

This book is informative and organised very well, I have used a great many idea out of it, I would recommend for trainee teachers and NQTs

Mrs Debbie Louise Martinson
English, North Lindsey College
February 27, 2017

Not up to date enough

Mrs Amanda Brougham
Education , Birmingham City University
February 11, 2014

This has been helpful for both new and exsisting tutors delivering English lessons of varying levels. Informative and insightful, with some interesting ideas.

Mrs Michelle Grainger
Sheffield Centre, LifeSkills
November 20, 2013

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