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Technology Studies

Technology Studies

Four Volume Set
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February 2008 | 1 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Technology, in its current usage, can most simply be understood to have three components: artifacts, practices, and knowledge. Artifacts are the material objects that exist in the world. Practices are the methods and techniques used to interact with artifacts and knowledge represents the underlying theoretical and conceptual paradigms that influence technology in different cultural contexts. Using these components as the framework, this four volume major work traces the intellectual, scholarly, and public evolution of technology studies and ultimately questions whether technologies are truly autonomous within the societies they inhabit and whether or not technological changes drive social changes. Rayvon David Fouché presents the evolving conceptualizations of technology to understand the ways in which technology has shaped global society.

Technology Studies is part of the 'Key Issues for the 21st Century' series published by SAGE which brings together collections on those critical issues that will shape our future.

This four-volume set covers:
Volume 1: Conceptualizing Technology
Volume 2: Theorizing Technological Change
Volume 3: Politics of Technology
Volume 4: Technology and Culture

Rayvon Fouche
Volume One
Conceptualizing Technology

Martin Heidegger
The Question Concerning Technology
Leo Marx
The Emergence of a Hazardous Concept

David Edgerton
From Innovation to Use
Ten Eclectic Theses on the History of Technology

Christopher Hamlin
Reflexivity in Technology Studies
Toward a Technology of Technology (and Science)?

Thomas J Misa
How Machines Make History, and How Historians (and Others) Help Them to Do So
Eric Shatzberg
Technik Comes to America
Changing Meanings of Technology before 1930

Jacques Ellul
The Technological Order
J[um]urgen Habermas
Technology and Science as Ideology
Donald MacKenzie
Marx and the Machine
Bruce Bimber
Karl Marx and the Three Faces of Technological Determinism
Robert B Pippin
On the Notion of Technology as Ideology

Robert Heilbroner
Do Machines Make History?
Thomas Parke Hughes
Technological Momentum
Hydrogenation in Germany, 1900-1933

Philip Scranton
Determinism and Indeterminancy in the History of Technology
Leo Marx
The Machine in the Garden
Volume Two
Theorizing Technological Change

Trevor J Pinch and Wiebe E Bijker
The Social Construction of Facts and Artefacts
Or, How the Sociology of Science and the Sociology of Technology Might Benefit Each Other

Langdon Winner
Upon Opening the Black Box and Finding It Empty
Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Technology

Ronald Kline and Trevor J Pinch
Users as Agents of Technological Change
The Social Construction of the Automobile in the Rural United States

Hans K Klien and Daniel Lee Kleinmann
The Social Construction of Technology
Structural Considerations

Thomas P Hughes
The Seamless Web
Technology, Science, Etcetera, Etcetera

John Law
Technology and Heterogeneous Engineering
The Case of the Portuguese Expansion

Bruno Latour
Technology Is Society Made Durable
Jim Johnson
Mixing Humans and Non-Humans Together
The Sociology of a Door-Closer

Michel Callon
Society in the Making
The Study of Technology as a Tool for Sociological Analysis

Steve Woolgar
The Turn to Technology in Social Studies of Science
David Harvey
From Fordism to Flexible Accumulations
Andrew Feenberg
Impure Reason
Bryan Pfaffenberger
Technological Dramas
Felix Guattari
Machinic Heterogenesis
Anique Hommels
Studying Obduracy in the City
Toward a Productive Fusion between Technology Studies and Urban Studies

Jonathan Sterne
Bourdieu, Technique and Technology
Volume Three
Politics of Technology

Langdon Winner
Do Artifacts Have Politics?
Bernward Joerges
Do Politics Have Artifacts?
Steve Woolgar and Geoff Cooper
Do Artefacts Have Ambivalence?
Bernward Joerges
Scams Cannot Be Busted
Reply to Woolgar and Cooper

Pierre L[ac]evy
From the Molar to the Molecular
The Technology of Collective Intelligence

Bill Joy
Why the Future Doesn't Need Us
Ronald R Kline
Cybernetics, Management Science and Technology Policy
The Emergence of 'Information Technology' as a Keyword, 1948-1985

David F Noble
The Immortal Mind
Artificial Intelligence

Arturo Escobar
Welcome to Cyberia
Notes on the Anthropology of Cyberculture

Lawrence Lessig
Four Puzzles from Cyberspace
Hector Postigo
Emerging Sources of Labor on the Internet
The Case of America Online Volunteers

Sharon Traweek
Bodies of Evidence
Law and Order, Sexy Machines and the Erotics of Fieldwork among Physicists

Lisa Nakamura
Cybertyping and the Work of Race in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Avital Ronell
Our Narcotic Modernity
R L Rutsky
Technological Fetishism and the Techno-Cultural Unconscious
Mark Hansen
Locating the Technological Real
Volume Four
Technology and Culture

Rayvon Fouch[ac]e
Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud
African Americans, American Artifactual Culture and Black Vernacular Technological Creativity

Carolyn Thomas de la Pena
Bleaching the Ethiopian
Desegregating Race and Technology through Early E-Ray Experiments

Joel Dinerstein
African American Modernism and the Techno-Dialogic
From John Henry to Duke Ellington

Ruth Schwartz Cowan
The 'Industrial Revolution' in the Home
Household Technology and Social Change in the 20th Century

Donna Haraway
A Cyborg Manifesto
Science, Technology and Socialist Feminism in the Late 20th Century

Anne Balsamo
Reading Cyborgs, Writing Feminism
Reading the Body in Contemporary Culture

Ruth Oldenziel
Unsettled Discourses
Joy Parr
What Makes Washday Less Blue? Gender, Nation and Technology Choice in Post-War Canada
Rachel P Maines
The Job Nobody Wanted
Nelly Oudshoorn
Astronauts in the Sperm World
The Renegotiation of Masculine Identities in Discourses on Male Contraceptives

Laura Mamo and Jennifer R Fishman
Potency in All the Right Places
Viagra as a Technology of the Gendered Body

Charis Thompson
Fertile Ground
Feminist Theorize Reproductive Technologies

Judy Wajcman
Reflections on Gender and Technology Studies
In What State Is the Art?

Trevor J Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld
Sound Studies
New Technologies and Music

Albert Borgmann
Fragility and Noise

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